Do you drive a Ford? See if you’re on the callback list

With spring just days away, you might be thinking of heading to the car wash to get those wheels beefed up for the warmer weather. If you own a Ford, you may also want to see if your vehicle is on the latest recall lists. According to NPR, the automaker is recalling 1.5 million vehicles — 1.3 million of them because of safety issues with brake hoses and another 220,000 because of defective windshield wipers on some of its pickups. According to a March 10 warning from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, affected vehicles in the larger recall could see front brake hoses — the tubes that carry fluid from the brake line to the caliper — “rupture prematurely.”

“The driver may experience an increase in pedal travel along with a reduction in the rate of deceleration, increasing the risk of an accident,” the warning reads. Regarding this issue, Ford says it is aware of only one accident with no reported injuries. The recalled vehicles include Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models manufactured between February 2012 and July 2017. Owners can take their vehicles to a local Ford or Lincoln dealership to have the hoses replaced free of charge, or they can call 1-866-436-7332.

The second issue affects F-150 pickups from 2021 onwards consumer reports Note that windshield wipers with “defective teeth” can cause the wipers to stop working or even break off. Before this happens, drivers may notice that one or both wipers are moving more slowly than usual or erratically. Ford tells NHTSA that it has received more than 575 reports of this issue, although no accidents or injuries have been reported. Ford dealers will replace wipers free of charge. If you already replaced faulty wipers before the recall was announced, you can still get a refund. (Read more Ford stories.)


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