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The Apple Watch does work without an iPhone, although certain prominent features of the Apple Watch may be unavailable.
Without an iPhone, the ability to use your Apple Watch will depend on your access to Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
Even if you don’t have Wi-Fi, cellular, or your iPhone nearby, there are still ways you can use your Apple Watch.
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It may be counterintuitive to say, but yes, the Apple Watch does indeed work without an iPhone.

However, you will be sacrificing many of the watch’s more prominent features if doing so.

Without an iPhone, the features available to you on your Apple Watch depend on the availability of cellular and Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have either, there are still apps you can use – although you will be limited.

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How to use your Apple Watch with a cellular connection

If you’ve set up the cellular feature on your Apple Watch, you will have many of the capabilities available on your iPhone, as long as it is nearby. This means you are able to take telephone calls, use Siri, stream music, and more on the watch.

If your iPhone is not nearby, however, your watch will only be able to perform the features if it’s also on a Wi-Fi network.

Here’s what you will need to use cellular on your Apple Watch.

An iPhone 6 or higher with the most recent iOS update
An Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) or the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) with the latest version of watchOS
The same carrier for both Apple Watch and iPhone

To learn how to set up cellular on your Apple Watch with an iPhone, read our article, “How to use cellular data on a cellular-enabled Apple Watch, and check your data usage.”

How to use your Apple Watch with a Wi-Fi connection

Even if you don’t bring your iPhone along with you for, say, a run or a quick errand, you will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks, should one be available and within range.

Though, features like SMS text messages and third-party push notifications may not be available.

These features are available on the Apple Watch with Wi-Fi, and without an iPhone nearby.

Making or receiving calls (if Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your Apple Watch)
The Walkie-Talkie app
Streaming music, podcasts, or the radio
Any apps that support Wi-Fi
Controlling your home through the Home app

To learn how to set up to a Wi-Fi network on your Apple Watch, read our article, “How to connect your Apple Watch to a Wi-Fi connection and unlock all of its features.”

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‘Does the Apple Watch work without an iPhone?’: Yes, but its available features depend on your internet connection — here’s what you need to know

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