Donald Trump, Clarence Thomas Joke Goes Viral After Verdict

The GOP fealty to former President Donald Trump among MAGA Republicans — even some sitting on the Supreme Court — is a great cause for alarm in Democratic circles, where Dems fear that corruption winked at and enabled, rather than called out and punished, is becoming the GOP’s new SOP.

All three branches of government have been called to account publicly for their Republican members’ tendency to align with the billionaire former President, critics say, despite what opponents like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) characterize as ample evidence of ethical compromises.

The accusations run from the influence-peddling scandals like Trump aide (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner‘s $2 billion post-presidency Saudi fund take and quid pro quo accusations that saw the Supreme Court issue a new set of ethics guidelines for SCOTUS justices, to the myriad criminal charges against Trump himself to, most recently, the revelation that the Trump White House doubled as an alleged pill mill under Dr. Ronny Jackson, now a U.S. Congressman.


Who in Donald Trump’s White House was WH doctor (and drug dealer) @RonnyJacksonTX writing these prescriptions for??

And a reminder @RonnyJacksonTX is now a serving Republican Congress member.

Most. CORRUPT. Party. Ever. @GOP

— STRIKE PAC (@StrikePac) January 28, 2024

Republicans acting as a bloc in lockstep may worry the other side, but it creates humor opportunities whenever there is an anomaly, which led to the joke post below quickly gaining nearly a half million views on X alone — big numbers for a joke.

Referencing this week’s jury decision to award E. Jean Carroll more than $83 million in damages in a defamation suit against Trump, the post sees the humor in imagining SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas — habitue of good free vacations — stepping away from his MAGA loyalty to take in some sun courtesy of Carroll’s windfall.

“E. Jean Carroll is making so much money off of Trump,” it declares, “Clarence Thomas wants to vacation with her.”

E. Jean Carroll is making so much money off of Trump, Clarence Thomas wants to vacation with her.

— Heather Thomas (@HeatherThomasAF) January 26, 2024

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