Donations to Just Stop Oil campaign for summer airport chaos have nearly hit £150,000 after Stonehenge attack

DONATIONS to a Just Stop Oil campaign for summer airport chaos have nearly hit £150,000 after last week’s Stonehenge attack. 

The cash surge  means the  eco mob has met its target to fund flight disruption and ruin hundreds of family holidays.

AFPJust Stop Oil are planning airport chaos after attack on Stonehenge last week[/caption]

PAEco loon group also targeted private jets – hoping to find Taylor Swift’s[/caption]

The group was inundated with pledges from around the world, despite widespread condemnation for spraying the ancient monument with orange powder paint

Its members also sparked outrage from Taylor Swift fans by  trying to target the megastar’s plane as she performed in London.

The high-profile stunts are said to have boosted JSO coffers by just under £150,000 through crowd-funding websites.

The Government has now been urged to take action against platforms which help the group to raise money  to break the law, including popular

Tory MP Nigel Mills said: “It’s a complete disgrace that Just Stop Oil can raise money this way online. Action needs to be taken.

This is criminal activity. It’s awful.” The climate action group — notorious for blocking roads, defacing artworks and disrupting theatre shows and sporting events — is  turning its attention to airports in a “sustained period of action”.

A message on its fundraising page says: “We’re escalating our campaign this summer to take action at airports.”

A source within the organisation said that a protest at Stansted last Thursday, in which two private jets were sprayed with orange paint, was “only a prelude”.

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