Ending the knife epidemic and what if conscription had incentives?

What will stop the knife crime epidemic? (Credits: Getty Images)

With knife crime escalating in the UK, readers want to know what can be done to stop the violence.

Right now, a first offence for possession of a knife doesn’t guarantee a punishment, and a second offence results to just six months to four years imprisonment.

With sentences this lenient, it’s no wonder people aren’t deterred. Would a minimum of five years would be enough to send the message?

Meanwhile, is not wanting to fight in a war ‘wokeism’, would you join up for free dental care and would you take salt with your coffee or tea?

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Why would you be carrying a knife other than to hurt someone?

Two more teens – one 15 and one 16 – have died in the UK’s ‘knife epidemic’ (Metro, Mon).

The boys were stabbed in Bristol two days after Valdo Calocane was sentenced for killing three in a knife rampage in Nottingham last June.

The easiest way to stop knife crime is treat them like they are carrying a firearm. Unless you’re a carpet fitter on a lunch break, why would you be carrying a knife other than with the intention of harming or threatening others?

Anyone caught carrying a knife, other than maybe a 3cm penknife, without a reasonable explanation should be given a minimum five-year custodial sentence as standard.

Anyone using a knife to maim or kill should be given a ten-year sentence and anyone killing anyone deliberately using a knife, minimum 15 years to life.

That is the only deterrent these pond life will understand, as they have a total disregard for life. Des T, Potters Bar


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The Royal Navy has four Trident-class nuclear submarines (Picture: PA)

Further to head of the Army Sir Patrick Sanders calling for a return to conscription (Metro, Thu), has he not heard the amazing news that Britain, as the possessor of a huge nuclear arsenal, is safe from attack?

Mutual Assured Destruction (or MAD) is our deterrent, which guarantees our forever peace. Or is this another little fib? Lucy Riol Cresswell, Long Stratton

It’s sadly predictable to see people like Peter and Tony (MetroTalk, Fri) referring to anything they don’t agree with as ‘woke’ when they talk about opposition 
to conscription.

I wonder what age they both are and whether they would be at any risk of conscription in the event of war (41 was the limit for conscription in World War II)?

National Service ended in 1960 (the final discharged servicemen left in 1963) so anyone born later than 1943 has never had to serve unless joining by choice and thus could not claim to have the ‘Dunkirk spirit’, which Tony describes as ‘well and truly dead’. Lewis Gibson, Birmingham

Is it ‘woke’ to oppose war?

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I learnt a lot from Friday’s MetroTalk (which discusses conscription), namely, how terms like ‘woke’ and ‘PC’ have become nothing more than meaningless buzzwords used by people who need a justification to complain about things they don’t understand.

Seriously, now it’s ‘woke’ to oppose possible conscription?

It’s ‘woke’ to oppose the idea of people, barely adults, being forced to fight wars at the behest of a government who clearly do not have their best interests at heart (and I can guarantee that many have probably never seen a battlefield, nor would allow their children to do so, draft or no draft), under threat of jail time if they don’t?

And do you want to know what really killed the spirit of Dunkirk? It’s not some supposed PC brigade (whatever that is supposed to mean), it’s the fact that we’re now living under a Tory government, that has become even more authoritarian and ultra-nationalist than it ever was – and that’s really saying something in a post-Thatcher England. Sam Mushtaq, Oldbury.

Could free dentistry spike conscription numbers?

Desperate times, desperate measures (Credits: Getty Images)

All this talk of conscription being reintroduced got me thinking – and I’ve come up with a benefit.

All those called up will be able to get proper dental care from day one, without punitive charges. And for that matter all aspects of healthcare without delay.

Once this becomes common knowledge and as more NHS dentists close, you never know, there might even be a rush of volunteers! Robert Boston, Kent

In Gaza, around half the population are starving and the Israelis have killed thousands of children.

The UNRWA aid agency (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) have about 30,000 workers and are supplying food aid for more than two million people.

Israel alleges 12 of those workers – or a mere 0.04 per cent of the total – may have had links to the October 7 attack on Israel.

UNRWA has responded by sacking nine of them who could be identified and were still alive.

How can that justify the UK and others stopping funding to UNRWA’s vital relief work?

That is disgraceful and seems to form part of the collective punishment of two million Gazan people that seems to be leading rapidly towards their complete extermination. Dan Hartley, Solihull

A lying politician and a general election

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Shaz (MetroTalk, Fri) suggests that Donald Trump has never lied. This has to be a joke, surely? Trump made well over 30,000 false and misleading claims during his time in office.

These have been well documented by The Washington Post’s fact checkers. The sheer number of lies told in just a few years is unprecedented in US politics, which is really saying something! Niall Blum-Stevenson, Bathgate

This year we will be having a general election, which will result in another Tory or a Labour government, even though most people don’t want either of these two rotten parties.

Unfortunately, the electoral system means we can only end up with one or the other. Alan Cheesman, Orpington

n American scientist Dr Michelle Francl claimed you should add a pinch of salt to your tea for a better taste (Metro, Thu). I don’t know about that.

But I always add a pinch of salt to my coffee. The salt cancels out the sour taste in any coffees, making it taste richer and earthy. It’s called ‘salted coffee’. Coffee Lover, Birmingham

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