Entire column of Russian armoured vehicles obliterated by drones

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Putin supporters have been left enraged after 11 Russian tanks and armoured vehicles were destroyed in one Ukrainian onslaught.

The Kyiv military success, which was mostly inflicted by FPV kamikaze drones, took place in the Novomykhailivka area of Russian-held Donetsk region of Ukraine.

It’s currently uncertain how many military personnel died in the strikes.

Three T-72 tanks, five amphibious [MTLBS] tracked armoured fighting vehicles and an infantry fighting vehicle were all taken out.

A further two modernised amphibious [MTLBM] tracked armoured fighting vehicles were also destroyed, one by an anti-tank guided missile.

The Beluga Telegram channel in Ukraine said: ‘The [Russian] column was spotted around 12:50. At 15:20 the convoy was broken up.’

Cameras in the drones being used in the attack and in drones flying overhead captured the destruction of the Russian vehicles.

11 Russian military vehicles were destroyed by a devastating Ukrainian counter attack using FPV kamikaze drones and an anti-tank guided missile (Picture: Bulava/east2west news)

Smoke billowed into the air after the vehicles were hit in a barrage of strikes (Picture: Bulava/east2west news)

Putin’s convoy had been maneuvering near the frontlines, which stretches for hundreds of miles along the east of Ukraine.

The video shows the UAVs speeding towards the Russian tanks, with the video cutting off just before they hit.

Later footage captured by drones passing overhead show the smoking wreckage of the Russian armour.

Far away grainy footage also shows the dark shapes of tanks moving across the battlefield as fire emerges with each strike.

Putin supporters have criticised the Russian military for allowing such a devastating attack (Picture: Bulava/east2west news)

While the number of people lost in the attack remains unknown, those connected to pro-war ‘Z’ channels – which propagandise the war for Putin – were angered by the strikes.

These groups get exasperated if they view the Russian President’s military commanders as a failure – and in this case it was believed the armoured vehicles were left as sitting ducks to be targeted.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Romanov Light said: ‘How can you afford to lose so much equipment in a day, so many people?

‘Complete stupidity and incompetence. The [Russian] Armed Forces DO NOT have any massive protection against enemy drones.

‘Everything they install has long been outdated and does not cover the enemy’s new frequencies. The problem requires emergency measures.’

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It was a huge win for Ukraine (Picture: @DefenceU/Newsflash)

A Russian radar facility has also been destroyed in a separate strike at Belbek airport in occupied Crimea.

And Russia also confirmed that its air defences had shot down 11 drones that had flown over its territory on Thursday night.

Ukraine has now been under constant bombardment by Russia for nearly two years, and has appealed to the West to help bolster its defences.

Thousands of people are believed to have died in the bombings.

And in recent months Ukraine has increased the number of drone attacks against Russian territory.

It has mostly targeted border regions as well as Moscow and St Petersburg, which are both far inland.

The deadliest of these attacks came on 30 December with a strike on the city of Belgorod.

It left 25 people dead and 100 people wounded, while several hundred more people had to be evacuated.

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