Expert tips and advice for camping with dogs, including what to pack and the best pet-friendly campsites

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There’s a lot to take into account when taking your dog camping, from choosing a pet-friendly campsite to how to plan and the best gear to pack for your pup.
As the novel coronavirus continues to impact travel, many people are turning to camping vacations right now since it’s easier to social distance outdoors in your own tent.
Pets are a part of the family and if you’re thinking about taking them with you on your next camping trip, read up on the expert advice outlined below first.
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When it comes to camping, we are a family divided. On the one hand, Teddy, our 1.5-year-old rescue dog, and I love the great outdoors, bug bites, sleeping on a slightly deflated air-mattress and all. On the other hand, my partner and our 10-year-old dog, Bear, prefer the air-conditioning and high thread-count sheets that come with a luxury hotel stay. 

Recently, due to COVID-19 and uncertainty around the safety of travel, I’ve talked my partner into enjoying more of the great outdoors and taking our dogs on nearby camping trips. 

It appears we aren’t alone. According to a recently released COVID-19 edition of the annual North American Camping Report, camping has not only increased in popularity this year, but advanced deposits for September and October are now outpacing 2019 among more than 500 KOA campgrounds across the country.

However, if you plan to camp with your dogs for the first time, there’s a lot you need to consider. 

“Camping with your furry family members is a lot of fun, but being prepared will make the experience even more enjoyable and allow you to focus on making memories rather than scrambling to find items you may have forgotten to bring,” says Renee Klenert, who volunteers for New York-based non-profit Pug Squad and helps organize an annual weekend camping event called Pug Camp.

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Of course, before you make any travel plans, be sure to read up on CDC guidelines, as well and local and state guidelines where your specific campsite is. We always recommend practicing safe social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask in any common areas you encounter. It’s also worth noting that while camping does seem to provide a safe alternative to staying in a hotel or resort right now, you should still exercise caution in comfort areas and other communal camping spots.

Read on for expert advice on what to know before you go camping with your dog, plus the best dog-friendly campsites and great camping gear for pets.

What to consider when camping with a dog

Make sure where you’re headed is pet-friendly

This may seem obvious, but some people wrongly assume that because it’s outdoors, campsites are all pet-friendly. While every campsite operates differently, many require you to keep your pets leashed at all times among other rules and regulations.

Be sure to do your research …read more

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