Facebook has blocked a queer and polyamorous-friendly dating app from posting ads, saying there isn’t a global appetite for it

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Queer-, kink-, and polyamorous-friendly dating app #open tried advertise on Facebook, but their attempts were twice denied.
Facebook said this was due to the advertisements’ focus on sex, and said the app does not “reflect the global audience on our platform” because it allows for group relationships and hook-ups.
In response, #open founder Amanda Wilson started a petition, asking the platform to “stop censoring and devaluing my relationship and the relationships of millions of other people looking for casual dates or interested in alternative relationship styles.”
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Communities of queer, polyamorous, and other marginalized people are making dating apps to cater to their long-underserved communities, but Facebook’s advertising policy could drive a wedge in their efforts to reach others.

Facebook has twice denied ads from the queer- and kink-friendly dating app #open, first objecting to the phrase “sex-positive,” then saying the app does not “reflect the global audience on our platform,” in part because it promotes hook-ups and group relationships.

The social media site, used by 2.26 billion people worldwide, does permit ads from Tinder and OKCupid.

Now, #open co-founder Amanda Wilson has launched a petition on Change.org to encourage Facebook to reconsider.

“Facebook has decided that sexuality is only acceptable on their platform if it pleases their ‘global audience’ who, according to them, isn’t quite ready to accept the idea of ‘casual dating,'” Wilson wrote.

The company’s view, Wilson said, seems at odds with the fact they have “hundreds of polyamory, ethical/consensual non-monogamy, kink, and swinger discussion groups with over 350 thousand active users seeking to engage with those online communities.”

Wilson sees Facebook as the most influential platform to reach the marginalized communities their app is made for. With the petition, her team hope to bring awareness to the ways in which, in trying to censor inappropriate content, mainstream digital platforms hinder certain groups from building communities.

#open tried twice to advertise sex-positive content on Facebook, but their efforts were denied

Wilson and #open’s director of operations, Maile Manliguis, told Insider that they attempted twice to advertise on Facebook.

“Getting to that large user base cost-effectively without being able to use the major digital platform that’s our standard for marketing today, it just makes it a lot more difficult to get your users and drive attention to what we’re doing,” Manliguis said.

In October 2019, Manliguis submitted an advertising application to Facebook including the ad they wanted to run, which had the word “sex-positive” written on it.

“Within two hours of submitting just the general application, we got kickback from Facebook saying that we were not approved because we offer couple and group options, and that puts an emphasis on sex,” Manliguis said.

Reviewing the advertising policies, they saw that Facebook does not have a ban couple or group sex apps, so they decided to change the wording.

This time, Manliguis dropped the “sex-positive” tag line, removed the word “kink,” and all imagery of groups or couples. Still, the ad was rejected.

That time, Facebook said their “advertising policies are informed by detailed global user sentiment analysis …read more

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