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The last couple of months haven’t been good for some Chrome users due to the plethora of issues they have faced with the browser. For example, the option to clear the browser data was not working, bookmarks were being deleted or disappearing automatically, the browser was crashing while printing, and the download bar was unreadable. As if these were not enough, a new issue affecting Chrome users has been unearthed by tech site PiunikaWeb.

What’s happening with the Chrome audio issue?

Affected users have raised the issue on the company’s official help forum, saying that Chrome automatically mutes media content after awhile. This Chrome audio issue has been affecting Windows users for the past few months.

“I’m using external controller with his own Sound Card. USB connected….and when i [sic] turn it off Chrome works…but when i [sic] turn on device ( coz [sic] i use it for studio speakers ) there is nothing…no sound…i dont [sic] know what to do,” one user said.

Moreover, affected users say this Chrome audio issue surfaces only when using headphones (including Bluetooth headphones) or speakers. The audio issue does not arise instantly on playing media content; rather, users say it happens after awhile or starting on the second song.

“When i [sic] open chrome, go into youtube and watch a video it work [sic] perfectly, but, let’s say i [sic] want to watch another video, i [sic] click on it and i [sic] watch it. The only thing is I don’t have sound on the second video,” one affected user said.

Users are only experiencing the audio issue with Chrome. With other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, the audio works as intended.

Workarounds that may help

As of now there are no comments from Chrome’s support team about the audio issue. Thus, it is not known if the company is actually working on a fix or is even aware of the issue. However, users have come up with their own workarounds in the meantime.

Some users say completely restarting the browser addresses the issue for one song, but the volume disappears as the next song comes. Other users say unplugging the headphones/speakers and then plugging them back in solves the issue temporarily.

Another workaround is right-clicking on the Chrome browser tab and selecting “Unmute Site.” This trick helps resolve the issue for the current tab only. If you have multiple tabs open, you will have to repeat the same process for all of them.

One user said he was able to fix the issue by tweaking the Chrome settings.

“Go in to Chrome. Find 3 dots upper right. Go to settings. The fix is in there, don’t remember all the clicks I did. Find anything to do with sound,” the user said, referring to one article that helped him fix the issue.

Another user said tweaking the settings could solve the issue. This user suggests going to the task bar and then clicking …read more

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Facing Audio Issue In Chrome? Try These Workarounds

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