Fan caught on TV stealing Dejan Milojevic’s commemorative T-shirt, white rose

After the Warriors’ win on Wednesday night following an emotional tribute to Dejan Milojevic, a fan was caught on camera trying to steal the commemorative T-shirt and white rose placed as a tribute in Milojevic’s old seat on the coaches’ bench.

Many watching the postgame show on NBC Sports Bay Area saw the young fan standing behind Steph Curry during his post-game interview as he snuck the shirt off the seat, balled it up and put it under his own shirt. Security intercepted the fan and took back the shirt and rose. Team security is handling the matter internally, a team spokesperson said.

But fans who witnessed it were troubled by the fan’s crass act after an emotional evening.

“I was very upset,” said Adam Eddy, a 44-year-old Oakland resident and lifelong Warriors fan who caught the fan trying to steal the shirt while watching the game. “How disrespectful. It just sucked the whole joy of that win out. I’ve been a diehard Warriors fan my entire life and to see someone who doesn’t respect the organization is unforgivable.”

Eddy was watching the game at home with his wife, who was emotional throughout after seeing Milojevic’s family — his wife, Natasa, and two children, Masa and Nikola — visibly upset watching from general manager Mike Dunleavy’s seats during the team’s pregame tribute to the beloved coach. Eddy says the fan ruined the moment.

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“I want him to be banned,” Eddy said. “That’s a perma-ban from that arena.”

Eddy added that he took to heart coach Steve Kerr’s pregame speech about Milojevic in the context of Kerr’s own experience with grief having lost his father, Malcolm Kerr, 40 years ago when Kerr was 18 years old.

“Steve Kerr, to me, is basically a saint,” Eddy said. “The tragedy that happened in his life and the way he goes about his everyday life, he’s just an absolute saint and this was a real kick in the teeth to Steve Kerr himself because that’s Steve’s guy.”

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