Fans react to the Bee Guy at Dodgers game

Tuesday’s Dodgers game against the Diamondbacks was delayed by nearly two hours after a bee colony took over the netting near home plate at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

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But for many fans watching from both at home and in person there was plenty of anticipation about what to do about the bees.

Enter beekeeper Matt Hilton.

MVP has arrived

— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) May 1, 2024

Hilton had just made it to his son’s t-ball game when he got a call about the bees. He then made his way over to Chase Field where he was met with a standing ovation as he entered the field.

Matt Hilton was at his son’s tee ball game when he got called in to work to remove some bees.

Just hours later he was a viral sensation and threw out a ceremonial first pitch at the @Dbacks game.

— MLB (@MLB) May 1, 2024


— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) May 1, 2024

After using a scissor lift to get close enough to successfully and safely vacuum the colony of bees as “I Need a Hero” played from the speakers. Once he removed them from the field, he was again met with applause from the crowd. According to Hilton, who works at Blue Sky Pest Control, the bees were Africanized honey bees, otherwise known as “killer bees.”

You catch more bees with a vacuum hose than you do with honey

— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) May 1, 2024

Hilton proved to be such a fan favorite that he was invited to throw the first pitch.

Bee Guy — aka Matt Hilton of BlueSky Pest Control — will be throwing out a ceremonial first pitch before #Dodgers-DBacks.

— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) May 1, 2024

What a night for Blue Sky Pest Control

— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) May 1, 2024

Is Beekeeper Matt Hilton the first guy to get a save BEFORE the game starts?

— MLB (@MLB) May 1, 2024

— Bill Plunkett (@billplunkettocr) May 1, 2024

Fans dubbed Hilton “Bee Guy” on social media and took to various platforms to share this memorable moment in baseball.

Bee Guy was absolutely living for this.

— Chad Moriyama (@ChadMoriyama) May 1, 2024

screw it beekeeper hype reel

— Cut4 (@Cut4) May 1, 2024

Press conference for the Bee guy

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) May 1, 2024

Who ya gonna call?

— Cut4 (@Cut4) May 1, 2024

donut is very into this #Dodgers bee delay

— wex (@lexiebu) May 1, 2024

Bee Guy is a LEGEND

— Blake Harris (@BlakeHHarris) May 1, 2024

Thank you bee guy

— Randi (@randi9320) May 1, 2024


— Goldschmidt Happened (@GoldyHappens) May 1, 2024

They called Mike Hazen a mad man when he signed Bee Guy to a 7 year deal this off-season

— Goldschmidt Happened (@GoldyHappens) May 1, 2024

Bee Guy better get tickets to the World Series or something. @MLB

A true hero.

— Anna Huffstutler (@A_Huffstutler) May 1, 2024


Replying to @Jp BEE GUY SHOWED UP!!! #beeguy #az #diamondbacks #dodgers #mlb #baseball #sportstiktok #bees #arizonadiamondbacks #arizona #chasefield #beecolony #ladodgers

♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89


A moment of appreciation for bee guy #diamondbacks #arizona #beeguy #baseball

♬ Whatta Man – Live – Ladies of Soul


— Hannah Rae (@HRaeIsAwesome) May 1, 2024

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