Flag giveaway in San Jose dishonors Old Glory: Letter to the editor

It’s that time again. Recently in my Almaden neighborhood, two competing real estate firms have been placing small American flags (complete with business cards) in front of each house. I assume it is an effort to inspire patriotism, or just maybe it’s for advertising. (Could that be possible?)

These flags are stuck, not too securely, in the ground in front of each house, and then just left there. I was taught as a child that an American flag should never touch the ground. Some of these flags are on the ground a few minutes after they have been placed. Some homeowners never seem to put these flags back upright.

Wouldn’t it be better if these realtors put the flags in homeowners’ mailboxes? Then homeowners could decide if they wanted to properly display their flags. Then these flags would all be respected.

Monty Steadman
San Jose

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