Ford has turned its Transit Custom into a camper van named Nugget with 2 beds and a bathroom — see inside

long wheelbase ford transit custom Nugget camper

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Ford has unveiled the long wheelbase version of its Transit Custom-based Nugget camper van, which now features a bathroom in the rear and an additional sink.

The long wheelbase, or “LWB” for short, Nugget’s arrival to the market accompanies a family of three: the original Nugget, and the concept Big Nugget.

Like the first Nugget, Ford partnered with Westfalia to create the new long wheelbase iteration, which now has a full camper interior all inside of a 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine-powered van. And unlike its predecessors, the LWB Nugget uses an L-shaped layout to fit the bathroom, kitchen, and living space. 

Separate from the Nugget series, the Ford Transit has become a popular camper van base for both do-it-yourself van builders and van conversion companies like Vanlife Customs. Recently, travel startup Cabana took the Ford Transit a step beyond this by deploying a fleet of converted 2019 Transit-based camper vans to serve as its mobile hotel unit.

Besides the popularity of the Transit base, the new extended length Nugget comes at a time in which camper van sales have stayed resilient, and in some cases, skyrocketed, amid the pandemic.

Keep scrolling to see how the famed automaker has turned its own van into a multi-space tiny home on wheels:

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According to a statement by the general manager of commercial vehicles for Ford of Europe Hans Schep, the camper has a “home-from-home” feel to it.

The layout’s dining and living area can be converted into passenger seats while traveling.

The roof of the van, which can hold a roof rack, is tilted, allowing Nugget to fit in locations with maximum height restrictions, according to Ford.

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For safety and a longer lifespan, the roof is insulated and has sides that are anti-fungal and fire.

At night when the van is parked, the roof can be expanded to make space for its double sized bed with vents and a LED reading light.

The roof bed, which is one of two sleeping spaces in the van, can also be tucked away for more interior room.

Like its predecessor, the new Nugget can sleep up to four people.

When the roof is raised, the interior height expands to 7.87 feet.

The extra headroom also allows for more convenient bathroom use.

The bathroom, which is located at the rear of the van, has a toilet and sink, although there’s also a sink in the kitchenette area.

Besides this additional sink, the cooking space also has storage units, a countertop for food preparation, a refrigerator, and cooktops to make meals on the go.

The toilet and both of the sinks are accompanied by 11.1-gallon fresh and wastewater tanks.

The rear and side windows provide natural light inside of the tiny home during the day …

… but for added privacy, the windows also come with shades.

The van is equipped with a WiFi hotspot from the FordPass Connect modem, allowing occupants like digital nomads …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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