GOP Chairwoman Says “Satan” Now Using Taylor Swift to Re-Elect Joe Biden

Kandiss Taylor, a former Georgia school teacher who ran in the Republican primary for Governor in 2022 and who is now the GOP Chair of Georgia’s 1st congressional district, is back in the news with more Taylor Swift criticism. Taylor’s latest Swift attack was triggered by the Kansas City Chiefs winning their conference final matchup on Sunday, sending the team to the Super Bowl — their fourth in five years.

For anyone living under a rock, Swift has been getting even more attention that usual for her much-remarked-upon presence at Chiefs games in support of her boyfriend, the Chiefs all-world tight end Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift’s witchcraft is certainly working for the Chiefs.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) January 28, 2024

After warning earlier in the fall that Taylor Swift was having a “demonic” effect on today’s youth, the MAGA adherent Taylor still can’t shake it off, as it were — especially since she sees Swift’s role as having grown even more nefarious from a MAGA standpoint. Swift’s latest machinations, according to Taylor, include the singer’s working with “Satan” to “elect Joe [Biden] back into the White House to destroy what’s left of America.”

Taylor’s charge was unverifiable — Satan did not return calls. But the suggested size of Swift’s influence really raises the level of allegations against the superstar, whom many conservatives merely blame for spoiling their football telecasts by cheering and smiling in a luxury box — not for destroying America.

At any rate, Democrats hope that any Swift support of Biden will engender the same results as her support of the Chiefs — for whom her presence has not augured disaster.

[NOTE: Kandiss Taylor’s much-criticized slogan during her gubernatorial campaign was “Jesus Guns Babies” — its lack of commas subjecting it to ridicule as a classic of the ambiguous Eats, Shoots & Leaves variety.]

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