Growing to be a lover of morel mushrooms and the outdoors

Olivia Savicz and her mother Rachel celebrate a morel mushroom found at the end of April.

Provided by Adam Savicz

Oliva Savicz earns Morel of the Week and gives hope for the future.

Adam Savicz messaged on April 29, “My daughter Olivia and mom Rachel. Ya, she is turning 2 in May and just loves doing what momma and daddy do: fish and forage.”

I think that will about wrap up MOTW for another spring, but we can always switch to Mushroom of the Week, as the seasons progress and it seems apt.

Reminder: Mushroom picking and foraging in general is prohibited at area forest preserves, park districts and dedicated nature preserves. It is allowed at many IDNR sites (state parks, etc.), but restricted until after 1 p.m. at sites with spring turkey hunting.

MOTW, the celebration of hunting for morel mushrooms around Chicago outdoors and their stories (the stories matter, as this one shows), runs Wednesdays in the paper Sun-Times as warranted.

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