Helicopter pilot pulls off very cheeky flight pattern

The spectacle is also known as a ‘sky penis’ (Picture: Flightradar24)

A somewhat phallic flight pattern has raised several eyebrows in the aviation industry this week.

The shape, above the skies of Comino in Malta, was traced by an Armed Forces of Malta’s (AFM) helicopter.

A tweet from popular website flightradar24.com then brought the spectacle to a wider online.

Their caption read: ‘Meanwhile in Malta…’

Online detectives soon traced the flight pattern to an AW139, a helicopter which ‘can adapt to multiple missions’ and enjoys ‘superior performance’ to other aircraft.

Many assumed the ballsy stunt had been a deliberate effort from inside the aircraft’s cockpit.

However the AFM told the Times of Malta the flight pattern, shared by flightradar24, had been ‘printed out of context’.

A spokesperson said: ‘The flight tracking shown was segmented as the helicopter was flying low altitude and did not show the completed flight path.’

A more prominent sky penis was spotted in Cyprus last November (Picture: Flightradar24)

Flightradar24 shared a similar sight in November – after a couple US Air Force pilots had some fun in the sky.

A rather girthy looking penis was ‘drawn’ in the sky by a Russian naval facility located in Syrian waters.

The cheeky creation was spotted near Tartus – the Kremlin’s naval facility in the Mediterranean. 

One flight expert told Times Now: ’They were on a refuelling mission that usually is just a long oval, repeated over and over…. so they added the “balls.” No extra taxpayer money spent.’

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