Here is a complete accounting of all 33 credible sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden and Donald Trump

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The 2020 election is the first US presidential race of the #MeToo era. It’s also the first one in modern American history in which both major party candidates have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct.

While they differ in kind and severity, the claims against Joe Biden and Donald Trump belong to the world’s broader reckoning with the transgressions of powerful men. Biden has drawn eight allegations: seven for inappropriate touching or behavior, and one for sexual assault. Trump has drawn 25 allegations: seven for inappropriate touching or behavior, 16 for forcible kissing or groping, and two for sexual assault or rape. There are 33 total allegations between the two candidates.

Business Insider has extensively covered the claims against Biden and Trump alike. This story builds on those efforts by analyzing the details of each allegation—their chronology, nature, origin, and degree of corroboration—and organizing that information within an illustrated timeline and two structured tables, seen below. We also asked each accuser, and each accused, if they wished to clarify the record. The result is a detailed and canonical accounting of an unprecedented situation.


There are 8 allegations against Biden: 7 for inappropriate touching or behavior, and 1 for sexual assault.


There are 25 allegations against Trump: 7 for inappropriate touching or behavior, 16 for forcible kissing or groping, and 2 for sexual assault or rape.


Of the eight people who accused Biden, four told Business Insider that they plan to vote for Biden in November. Biden has indirectly addressed allegations of inappropriate touching, promising to be more “mindful of personal space,” but has denied assaulting Tara Reade.

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Those who accused Trump did not betray a political affiliation and emphasized the problematic situations that women face. “The fact that those in power have the power to get away with these atrocities is the problem,” photographer and former model Kristin Anderson told Business Insider.

One woman, whose allegations are documented in this article but who feared speaking out again publicly, likened being grabbed by Trump to a narrowly avoided car crash. “It was in public, and it was not very long. I wasn’t hurt, but I felt there was a potential, and that I would never want to be alone with this guy,” she told Business Insider. “I was very startled and shocked. It was out of nowhere.”

Trump himself acknowledged kissing women without permission in a 2005 video obtained by The Washington Post, and confirmed a pattern of leering at undressed models backstage in a 2005 conversation with Howard Stern published by CNN. In response to sexual-assault allegations, Trump has repeatedly asserted that the accusers were not his “type.”

Business Insider excluded several notable incidents from our analysis. These include two comments made by Biden, and observed by reporters, to children at campaign events in 2019. Critics viewed these remarks as gendered and inappropriate, but did not characterize them as sexual misconduct. We also omitted an allegation against Biden that appeared in Counterpunch in 2008, because the magazine did not name the …read more

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