Horror moment gym-goer is thrown to her death out of window after she falls off treadmill that’s going too fast

THIS is the horror moment a gym-goer stumbled backwards from a treadmill and plunged to her death from a window behind her.

The 22-year-old woman was thrown out of the open third-floor window in a busy gym in Indonesia.

NewsflashA gym-goer lost her balance after being thrown off a fast treadmill[/caption]

NewsflashShe was using the treadmill for 30 minutes before the tragedy unfolded[/caption]

She was caught on camera plunging to her death from a high-rise window

The freak accident took place at about 1pm local time on Tuesday in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Shocking footage shows the victim running on a treadmill before she stopped to wipe her face with a towel and quickly lost balance.

As the workout machine kept going fast, the young woman tripped backwards and tumbled out of the window that was left open.

The unnamed victim came to the gym with her boyfriend who was exercising on the second floor when the tragedy unfolded, local media reported.

The woman had been using the treadmill for 30 minutes before the devastating fall, police said.

She was rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries but was pronounced dead due to brain bleed.

An autopsy has revealed that she had suffered extensive bruising and lacerations on her head.

The gym had to shut down for three days following the deadly incident.

Cops are probing the sport facility’s management for alleged negligence.

Pontianak Police Commissioner Antonius Trias Kuncurojati said that the gym’s window and the treadmill were only 60cm apart.

He also added that the distance between the bottom of the window and the floor was merely 30cm.

“It’s very easy for someone to fall off the treadmill and then fall down,” he said.

Police will also question witnesses and individuals suspected of leaving the windows open.

Mr Antonius added that the windows could be left open for cleaning purposes but there were no warning signs put up.

Stickers asking visitors to refrain from opening the windows were also damaged.

During the investigation, the gym owner said that the back of the treadmill was facing the window to avoid obstructing the view for gym-goers.

According to the authorities, the gym’s operating permit will be re-examined.

The cops also stressed that the glass of the windows was only a few millimetres – too thin for a high-rise building.

Last year, a bodybuilder died after 460lb weight fell on his neck as he attempted to squat-press in Sanur, Bali.

After the accident, Justyn was rushed to a local hospital with a broken neck and critical compression of vital nerves connecting to his heart and lungs.

He died shortly after an emergency operation, despite the surgeons’ best efforts.

Another gym-goer was left paralysed and temporarily blinded when a weights machine appeared to break mid-set.

Horror CCTV footage revealed that Abraão Viana’s head was crushed between the metal handles as he exercised.

NewsflashThe woman tripped backwards and tumbled out of the window in Indonesia[/caption]

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