How the cofounder of a ‘League of Legends’ app made over $1 million in revenue in the last year on in-game app development platform Overwolf

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No matter how talented you are, it’s traditionally been difficult to make bank as a game developer. Game developers often have had no choice but to bootleg their creations, never reaping the financial return they truly deserve. Lewis Gordon wrote in a recent article in The Verge about the “financial precariousness … people can wind up in when determinedly pursuing what they love: making video games.”  

Overwolf, a platform that launched in 2009 and allows third-party developers to craft gaming apps in HTML and JavaScript, is working on changing the playing field. By using their platform and resources, creators are able to build, distribute, and monetize in-game applications and modifications to create a space where their careers can really take off.

A spokesperson at Overwolf told Business Insider that the company pays $10 million in revenue each year to the more than 30,000 in-game app developers that use the platform. Overwolf attracts 12 million monthly active users (defined as gamers using the apps while they play games), and while the company reported that the average monthly revenue for the top 25% of app creators on Overwolf was $26,000 in June, some top developers on the platform are poised to make over $1 million this year.

How it works

“Building and making a living from gaming apps is hard since it requires developing many different components outside of the core functionality of your product,” said Uri Marchand, CEO and cofounder of Overwolf. 

Of the top 30 apps on Overwolf, Marchand said that 40% started as websites. On Overwolf, creators build in-game apps that work with already existing games, including the most popular titles in the world like “League of Legends,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” and “Hearthstone.” These in-game apps can make gameplay more fun and entertaining, help gamers improve, and enable them to share their top moments. 

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Examples of this include Voicemod, which enables users to change their voices while in the game, Facecheck, which allows players to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their team and their opponent’s team, and Game Capture, which enables gamers to effortlessly capture gameplay highlights and share to social without leaving the game. 

“In the case of a pre-existing gaming website, gamers use websites like Tracker Network to enhance their gameplay, but this is not efficient,” Marchand said. “Gamers must step away from the game and go to the browser to pull up the stats or information they need. Overwolf provides the tools and resources the creators of these gaming websites need to turn their websites into in-game apps. Gamers can now access all the rich data, stats, analysis directly in-game, in real-time, without interfering with their gameplay or having to leave the game.” 

Without a framework like Overwolf, a creator who wants to enhance their gaming website with an app for their users while they play would need to do several things: 

Create an installer. To build an app for Windows, Marchand said, the developer needs to be recognized by Microsoft as a trusted publisher, or …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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