Your third challenge in Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Last Wish raid is a massive ogre known as Morgeth, The Spirekeeper. This encounter will have Morgeth spawn in the back middle of the courtyard along with a wave of Taken enemies. Your goal here is to deny Morgeth strength so he doesn’t wipe the entire fireteam. Here’s how to defeat Morgeth in the Last Wish raid.

When the fight starts, Morgeth will summon a bunch of Taken foes around him. After a minute or so of fighting Taken several columns of energy will spawn, each of which has an orb inside. Grabbing an orb from the column will give you a buff called Taken Strength. You can have up to two stacks of Taken Strength before you die.

You will want to split your group into two teams of three with each team taking either right or left. Two of the three will focus on grabbing stacks of strength until they have two, while the other needs to kill the Eye of Riven Knight to spawn a Taken Strength orb. Once the Knight dies, have the person not grabbing the strength, pick up the orb giving them Taken Essence. Occasionally Morgeth will freeze someone in place. It’s the job of the person holding the orb to cleanse and free them from the Taken prison.

However, when the orb carrying user free the person with Taken Strength from the prison they will take the strength from that user. This means the original player who was trapped in the prison will go back down to 0 stacks of Taken Strength. That person will then become the orb carrier that frees people from Morgeth’s prison, while the other just kills enemies for now.

Continue doing this until an orb spawns directly in front of the boss. Grabbing this will take Morgeth’s immunity and open him to damage. Have everyone meet in the center and begin damaging him. This will cause Morgeth to launch a volley of Axion Bolts, so have someone focus on those so your team isn’t killed. As you damage Morgeth his strength will increase. Once he hits around 80-90% the Taken Essence user should use his Super to stagger him.

After Mogeth is staggered just repeat the entire encounter 2-3 times and he should fall. This is a fairly easy fight, but the key here is communication. Make sure you call out when you’ve been imprisoned so the Taken Essence user knows who to cleanse.

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How to Beat Morgeth in the Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid

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