How to order food from Google Maps for pickup or delivery, using a computer or mobile device

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Thanks to delivery service apps like Postmates, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, there’s nothing unusual about ordering food using your smartphone. But you can order food without any delivery app at all, just by using Google Maps and your Google account. 

Google has partnered with a handful of popular delivery services, and have made it easy to order food right from the map.

But not all restaurants offer ordering from Google Maps – some don’t have a relationship with a delivery service. In that case, you should try a different restaurant, or use another delivery app. 

No matter what version of Google Maps you’re using — iPhone, Android, or even in a web browser on a desktop — the process for ordering food is essentially the same. 

How to order food from Google Maps

1. Open Google Maps and find the restaurant you want to order food from, either for pickup or delivery. 

2. Click or tap the name of the restaurant on the map.

3. On your phone, tap “Order.” If you’re using a web browser, click “Order Online.” If you don’t see the button to place an order, this restaurant doesn’t offer online ordering through Google Maps. 

4. Choose “Delivery” or “Pickup.”

5. If you choose to have the food delivered, make sure that the correct delivery address is selected — if not, click or tap and edit the address. 

6. Depending on the restaurant, you might have a choice of delivery services, like Postmates or Grubhub. Pick the one you prefer.

7. Select your menu items. When you’re done, select “Go to order” and then check out. (If you’re using a web browser, there’s no need to go to the order — you can simply click “Checkout.”

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8. Follow the checkout instructions to pay for the order. If you have a payment method saved to your Google account, you can check out with a single tap. Otherwise, you’ll need to enter a credit card at checkout each time. 

That’s all there is to it. You’ll receive a form of order confirmation, either in a text or an email, and your order will be waiting for you at the restaurant, or it will be delivered to you, depending on how you chose to place the order.

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