How to share your screen on Zoom in 2 different ways on a computer or mobile device

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You can easily share your screen on Zoom during a group meeting using the desktop or mobile app.
You can share a screen before you have joined a call from the app homepage, or choose to begin sharing at any time during a live call.
The process looks slightly different on each app, and the desktop version offers more options for screen sharing — including options to annotate and use a whiteboard.

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As more and more meetings become remote, it might be helpful to share your phone or computer screen with coworkers or students.

Whether it’s a marketing presentation or lecture slides, sharing a screen can be an easy way to show others your work. Additionally, you may wish to share your iPhone or Android phone screen if you don’t have access to a full computer screen at the time of the call.

On either device app, you can share your screen from the homepage — to join an ongoing call — or once you’re already on the call screen yourself. The process looks slightly different on desktop and mobile devices, and the desktop version definitely offers more — including options to annotate and use a whiteboard.

Here’s how to do both.

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How to share screen on Zoom from its homepage

1. If you haven’t started a call yet, you can begin sharing your screen from the Zoom app home screen. On your desktop, this option is found in the “Home” tab. On your phone or tablet, this is found at the top of the “Meet & Chat” tab. Click or tap to begin the process.

2. On either device, a pop-up will open prompting you to enter the Sharing Key or Meeting ID. You will have to enter this information to join an ongoing video call. Click “Share Screen” on your desktop or “OK” on your phone or tablet when you’re ready.

3. Enter the meeting password. Click “Join” on your desktop or tap “OK” again on your mobile app.

4. From here, the process to share screens is a bit different for the desktop and the mobile device version.

If you’re using a computer, simply choose what you’d like to share on the video call. On your desktop, you’ll have lots of options, such as your multiple screens, a whiteboard, your iPhone if you plug it in, and any apps you may have open on your computer. Select what you’d like to share and click the blue “Share” button in the bottom right hand corner. You have now joined the call and are sharing the screen you’ve selected.

On your mobile app, the process looks a bit different. After you enter the Meeting ID and password, you’ll be greeted with …read more

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