How you can become an elite Salesforce user


Whether you work in a more traditional, structured business environment or a dynamic startup, there’s a type of employee appreciated by any manager: the change agents. Regardless of the department, change agents are so valued because they move businesses forward in a positive manner, focusing on organizational effectiveness, improvement, and development.

When it comes to Salesforce, the company behind the most well-known and dominantly used CRM system, those people are called trailblazers. The Salesforce Trailblazer Bundle not only helps you develop skills to customize this powerful customer management system for individual companies, but you’ll also learn to meet the needs of today’s customers, who are more sophisticated and connected through more devices than customers of previous generations. That means when their needs and expectations aren’t met, they’ll go to a competitor. And since customers are now powerfully shaping business strategy, companies who want to go beyond survival and into the realm of success need to be trailblazers — the people who develop the innovations and process improvements that other teams can follow.

This bundle includes several key courses that stand out from other Salesforce pieces of training (although it contains Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification courses and more) — they include:

Salesforce Einstein Discovery: Introduction to AI and Data Science

AI is on the cutting edge of technology — it’s what powers self-driving cars and your Netflix suggestions, but it’s also used in Salesforce to perform complicated AI and data science …read more

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