I flew on the ‘world’s worst short-haul airline,’ Ryanair, and it was so comfortable and stress-free it was one of the best flights I’ve been on

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Ryanair was voted the ‘world’s worst short-haul airline’ in a survey by Which? of more than 6,500 passengers, and has poor reviews on sites like Skytrax and TripAdvisor.
I flew on the airline in early February this year, paying £50 ($65) for a 4.5-hour afternoon flight from Cyprus to London.
Boarding was very easy thanks to online check-in, and my seat was far more comfortable than I was expecting, with plenty of legroom.
However, there was no in-flight entertainment, and none of the food was free.
The journey was so comfortable, and check-in and boarding so stress-free, I would recommend it to anyone flying short-haul in Europe.
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If you read reviews on sites like Skytrax and TripAdvisor, you might think Ryanair is a bad airline. In fact, Ryanair was voted the “world’s worst short-haul airline” in a survey by Which? of more than 6,500 passengers in December, with complaints including numerous extra fees, uncomfortable seats, no in-flight entertainment options, and poor customer service.

However, that’s not what I thought at all when I flew on Ryanair in early February this year, considering I paid just £50 ($65) for a 4.5-hour afternoon flight from Cyprus to London. In fact, the seat was one of the most comfortable I’ve sat in, the staff were incredibly friendly and professional, and getting on to my flight was very simple. Overall it was one of best, most stress-free flights I’ve ever been on. Here’s what it was like to fly on the airline.

Boarding was simple. With online check-in and having only a carry-on bag, I made my way through security to the gate, where the line was short.

I was glad I had my boarding pass on my phone, as Ryanair’s fees are one of the biggest complaints customers have on websites such as Skytrax and TripAdvisor. Customers that do not check-in before arriving at the airport, for example, are charged £55 ($72). For “priority” boarding, there’s a fee of £5 ($6.50).

Selecting your own seat also costs £4 ($5.20). Baggage fees vary depending on the route, but can cost anywhere from £6 to £14 ($7.80 to $18.25) for two cabin bags and priority boarding, to £40 ($52.15) for a 20-kilogram checked bag. Small carry-on bags, like the one I had, are free.

Getting to my seat was also a breeze, even though the plane had only one aisle.

The flight was mostly full, but because most of my fellow passengers had paid for priority boarding, there were not a lot of people in line in front of me when it was my turn to come on board.

My window seat was roomy, and surprisingly comfortable — especially considering I paid just £50 ($65) for it.

Not only were the fake leather cushions soft, especially the headrest, but the seat also reclined slightly. The armrests were small and made of hard plastic, but not too uncomfortable.

There was plenty of legroom too, even though I …read more

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