I flew Spirit Airlines and had a nightmarish, 34-hour delay with terrible customer service and I’ll never use the airline again (SAVE)

terrible Spirit Airlines flight

I’ve flown Spirit Airlines three times, and have been consistently disappointed.
But my most recent trip with the airline was the worst travel experience of my life.
I arrived in New York 34 hours later than originally scheduled for reasons both within and outside of Spirit’s control.
Only once did I feel like I was treated with anything but indifference by the airline and its employees.
Had Spirit’s customer service exceeded my expectations, the trip could have reversed my negative opinion of the airline.
But I’m now even more motivated to never fly Spirit again.
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I tend to have good luck with air travel. A significant majority of my flights leave and arrive on schedule, and I rarely have serious customer-service issues.

That has not been the case with Spirit Airlines. I’ve flown Spirit on three trips, and each time, the airline has frustrated me in a way that has nothing to do with the normal stresses of flying, culminating last weekend in the worst travel experience of my life.

My first flight on Spirit, in 2017, was delayed by six hours due to an unspecified mechanical issue, causing me to miss a friend’s wedding ceremony. Last year, I booked a Spirit flight for the second time, and was surprised to learn that I would be charged a $42 checked-bag fee for each of my two connecting flights from Austin to New York. I had never seen an airline do that before, and it made me determined to never fly Spirit again.

But when booking a flight for a work trip to Las Vegas two months ago, Spirit provided the best of a number of suboptimal choices. I clenched my teeth and took another gamble on my least favorite airline.

It was a huge mistake.

My trip back from Las Vegas to New York last weekend was the worst travel experience I can remember, ending 34 hours later than scheduled. Not all of it was Spirit’s fault, but the airline repeatedly failed at the parts that were under its control.

Spirit did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

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