I run a puppy adoption program out of Mexico, where in-person meetings are crucial. Here’s how I’ve adapted to continue operating remotely during the pandemic.

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Rachael Watt is the “onsite animal hero” of her family’s hospitality property, Acre in Baja, Mexico.
She originally moved down from her home in Vancouver, Canada to assist with opening the hotel and to work as the property’s onsite general manager but has since shifted to a different sort of onsite role: In-House Animal Rescuer at AcreDogs.
Rachael has been overseeing the adoption and transportation of these puppies from Mexico all across North America while she’s quarantining with her family back in Vancouver.
Over the past three years Rachael has adopted out 220 puppies of various breeds, which have grown up to become strong and healthy, and whose families have kept in touch with her over social media.
Read the story of her puppy rescue in Baja Mexico and how she’s been running the operation remotely throughout the pandemic, as told to freelance writer Molly O’Brien.
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I’m from Vancouver, Canada, and Acre is my family’s property. I originally moved down to the property in Mexico to help open up the hotel — a treehouse hotel — which was super cool. Before that, I owned a dog-walking business in Vancouver called “Pooped.”

I was the hotel manager for the first year that I was down there, but animals continued to be my passion. Within the first couple months of moving, a friend of a friend had a litter of puppies and was looking for someone to foster and take care of them. I took the puppies in at the same time as I was running the hotel, and I essentially just ended up bringing them to work with me.

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A lot of the hotel guests would play with the pups, and interact with them, and within a couple weeks all of them had been adopted out to hotel guests. That’s what gave me the idea to take on more puppies — and it became a feature of the property. People would come down to the property just to get a puppy. Primarily puppies go home with visitors from Canada or the US. However, during COVID, the majority of our puppies have gone to local homes due to travel restrictions.

We eventually switched from not only owning the hotel but to also offering some beautiful villas onsite. I started managing the real estate, which has given me a lot more freedom and free time to expand the animal program.

My first choice is always to adopt the puppy to someone who’s onsite. I love the idea of someone coming, meeting their own puppy, and having that connection — and then I can send it home with that person on their return flight. I also have a lot of adoption requests coming through our followers on social media, so I’ll find a guest on property who is willing to transport that puppy back with them to meet up with the new owner. I’ll print out an announcement and post it on property saying “we’re looking for …read more

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