I tried Dailylook, a personal styling service that sends a curated selection of clothing to try on at home — the brands it carries are on the pricey side, but the selections were spot-on

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I don’t enjoy shopping, but I do still have opinions about and want control over what I wear. I love personal styling services because they choose clothing for me while taking into consideration my style and preferences. 
I tried one called Dailylook, which used my personal Style Profile, a proprietary algorithm, and a full-time stylist to send me a box of clothing it thinks I’ll like.
On the spectrum of personal styling services, Dailylook is on the more premium end. The styling fee is $40 per month, clothing starts at $60 per item, and some standout brands include Mara Hoffman, Maison Scotch, and Badgley Mischka. 
The cost is worth it — it’s highly likely you’ll find something you love (I ended up keeping three of my pieces), and the convenience is unparalleled. 
Use code “GETSTYLED20” to receive $20 off your first Dailylook order.

Though I write about products every single day, I’m actually not a huge shopper in my personal life. Shopping for clothing in particular tires me out, and after a couple hours of sifting through racks and sweating profusely in small dressing rooms, I’m ready to grab a drink and call it a day. 

Personal styling services were basically made for shopping haters like me. Online shopping by myself, while much more convenient, can still be overwhelming. But I wouldn’t want to forego shopping altogether and just wear a T-shirt and jeans every day.

An online service such as Dailylook is the best solution for someone who simultaneously doesn’t enjoy shopping, has an opinion about her personal style, and wants to have some say and control over her wardrobe.

The premium clothing subscription box, which is delivered monthly, contains clothing pieces that are curated based on the user’s body shape, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. Dailylook uses a mix of proprietary algorithms and human stylists to curate these picks, and it’s a system that works really well — its customers receive something they like and purchase it 80% of the time. 

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Dailylook’s team is ultra-efficient about its operations: each month, its buying team has a given budget to buy just the right amount and assortment of merchandise to service its clients. As founder Brian Ree points out, this process “is not all that different from having your own personal stylist go out with a budget and do your shopping offline for you. [But] it takes almost all of the hard work, logistics, and guess-work out of shopping for yourself.” 

Why Dailylook is different

You’ve probably heard about other services like Stitch Fix or Trunk Club that sell the same idea. Dailylook distinguishes itself with premium brands like Mara Hoffman and Badgley Mischka, and the use of full-time stylists. At other personal styling services, it’s common for stylists to be part-time or ad-hoc hires, which does offer stylists more flexibility, but may prevent them from fully understanding and engaging with the brand.

Dailylook’s stylists are always …read more

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