I tried the new plant-based burger from Trader Joe’s, and it tasted like the real thing but was way too filling

trader joe's protein patties

Trader Joe’s is selling a new meatless burger: Protein Patties made with pea protein, which are sold in a package of two for $4.49.
I cooked and tasted the plant-based burger and found it sizzled in the pan, was juicy, and had a vibrant, meat-like flavor.
Aside from the patty’s pink color and unnatural texture, it looked and tasted like an authentic burger.
Unlike a traditional veggie burger, though, the protein patty was dense and rich and left me feeling overwhelmingly full, so I wouldn’t opt to eat it on a regular basis.
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Vegan-friendly “meat” products were a defining grocery and restaurant item of the past year, and momentum seems to only be increasing, as Trader Joe’s recently released a new plant-based burger.

Trader Joe’s is no stranger to meat alternatives, as it’s been selling soy-based ground “meat,” Tofurky, and a plethora of veggie burgers for years before plant-based foods became trendy.

Recently, the popular grocer released a new vegan item: Protein Patties. Similar to the Beyond Burger, Trader Joe’s Protein Patties are made with plant-based protein, do not contain soy, and are, hence the name, heavy on the protein.

As a self-identifying flexitarian, I cook mostly plant-based recipes for myself. My mom happens to be a vegan cook and blogger, and most of the cooking I do for myself is plant-based. I stopped eating red meat when I was little, and I consume minimal dairy, poultry, and seafood (mostly for special occasions).

Needless to say, I knew I had to try the grocery store’s newest take on the ever-popular meatless burger.

At a Trader Joe’s store in New York City, I found the Protein Patties in the cooler section alongside tofu, soy chorizo, and plant-based ground meat.

The package of two patties cost $4.49 when I purchased it in February at a Trader Joe’s in Manhattan.

I inspected the back of the package and saw that pea protein, sunflower oil, and beets were at the top of the ingredients list.

The burgers were also made with “natural flavors,” methyl cellulose (a thickening agent commonly used in processed foods), oat fiber, fruit juice, onion powder, sea salt, and vegetable juice.

I compared the nutrition facts of the Protein Patties with the Beyond Burger. The Beyond Burger contains 20 grams of protein in each patty, and the Trader Joe’s version contains 18 grams of protein.

The package also contained a disclaimer: “Interior of patty will still be pink when fully cooked.”

This note on the back of the container proved to be an important reminder as I was preparing the plant-based patties.

Following the directions on the package, I simply placed the patty on a skillet, which I had warmed to medium heat.

I didn’t add any oil or butter to my non-stick pan because based on previous experiences with preparing plant-based burgers, I knew it likely contained oils that would make their way onto the pan.

Less than a minute after placing the burger on the pan, I noticed that the “meat,” as I had predicted, …read more

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