I wish I never bought caravan in park owned by ‘gypsy billionaire’ Alfie Best… I’ve got huge bills & it’s full of SEWAGE

A MAN wishes he never bought his mobile home in a titan caravan park owned by the ‘UK’s richest gypsy’.

Brian Smith moved into Little Trelower Park, in the famous Wyldecresy Parks, Cornwall, owned by ‘Gypsy Billionaire’ Alfie Best.

Greg Martin / Cornwall LiveBrian Smith is fed-up forking out £196 service charge to solve the alleged sewage problem[/caption]

But, the 57-year-old claimed he can’t sell the caravan due to “bubbling sewage” pouring into their bathroom like “Niagara Falls” and soaring bills.

He alleged his neighbours have had to leave their property before because of the smell.

16,000 residents can’t be wrong, with a waiting list of 300 people to move onto our park

Alfie BestWyldecresy Parks owner

The retiree looked forward to settling down with his wife there in 2022 but alleged their waste tanks need emptied every six days.

The resident claimed they pay £196 every three months for sewage removal fees – while locals in a nearby park only pay £13.

When the couple first moved in, the quarterly bill was just £56.

Brain believes the price hike is down to the infrastructure of the pipes “not working”.

He vowed he has exhausted “every avenue” to see the alleged issue fixed.

But, the caravan owner claimed the company “just blow you off” each time.

“They’ve tried to put it down to saying if we want a new system put in they are more than willing to look at it but will increase our site rate to pay for that,” Brian told Cornwall Live.

The frustrated resident said he wants Wyldecrest Parks to shell out for improvement works because “if it was working right in the first place we wouldn’t have this problem”.

In his latest bid to see action, Brian has refused to pay his renewal notice due to a “lack of maintenance”.

“The financial burden is one thing and it’s good that it doesn’t get the chance to overflow because it’s emptied every six days but I’ve watched the chap empty the system and as he does it’s flooding through again like Niagara Falls,” he claimed.

Wyldecrest Parks has been contacted for comment.

Owner Alfie Best told The Sun: “We’re a company that has 16,000 residents. We’re the biggest park operator to ever exist in history, in Europe or the UK.

“Our closest competition is 50 per cent smaller than us. We’re the person that’s always going to catch a lot of wind. Tall trees always do.

“Are we perfect as a company? No. Course not. I’m the first person in the world that will tell you that I make mistakes everyday.

“But 16,000 residents can’t be wrong, with a waiting list of 300 people to move onto our park.”

Greg Martin / Cornwall LiveThe mobile home owner said Wyldecrest Parks should pay for the system to be improved[/caption]

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