Illegal migrants are queuing up in Calais waiting for a Starmer government, warns Rishi in TV showdown

RISHI Sunak tonight claimed illegal migrants are “queuing up in Calais waiting for a Labour government” as he was grilled by our readers in The Sun’s election showdown.

He admitted he has not “got the job done” yet on stopping small boats but promised the British public that he has a plan to kick illegal migrants out – while Labour will “release everyone”.

Not known, clear with picture deskRishi Sunak was first up in our election showdown held in The Sun’s HQ tonight[/caption]

Sunak was grilled by Political Editor Harry Cole over his handling of the Tory betting scandal

He was scrutinised on his party’s track record on illegal and legal migration

The SunSir Keir also faced a grilling on how his party would solve the small boats crisis[/caption]

Sir Keir Starmer hit back and called the Rwanda policy an “expensive gimmick” and claimed people from countries such as Bangladesh aren’t being removed to their home nations under the Tories.

The Labour leader said the ongoing small boats crisis is a potential national security risk, because the UK “needs to know” who is coming to the UK.

Sir Keir was heckled by our audience over his party’s plan to smash the gangs facilitating channel crossings, with one man yelling out that he’s “not going to stop the boats”.

Harry tells Keir that, although “we can’t have betting in politics”, 65 per cent of migrants are accepted in France and “you’d take those odds”.

Sir Keir said: “The odds at the moment are 100%” because the Tories are failing to process migrants currently in the country.”

The Labour leader says “nobody but nobody” should be crossing the Channel on rickety dinghies.

But some viewers were left unconvinced as he promises to return illegal migrants while simultaneously axing the Rwanda plan.

Sir Keir also told viewers that Labour will “fight for every vote right until the end of the day.”

He goes on: “Change is only going to happen when people go out and vote… we are taking nothing for granted.”

Asked if he’s confident of a super-majority, Sir Keir adds: “What I would say for this is this is a change election. We’ve had 14 years of this. We know things aren’t working.”

Sunak told Sun readers there is a clear choice for voters on July 4 when it comes to dealing with illegal migration.

He said that those who have been detained as part of his Rwanda scheme will either be sent on flights out of the country if he wins or will be released onto our streets if Labour win at the ballots.

We quizzed him over the soaring numbers of net migration – with 685,000 people coming to the UK last year.

Sunak was first up in our election showdown clash tonight:

The PM warned illegal migrants will be “out on the streets” if Labour win

He said he was “incredibly angry” when he heard his colleagues had bet on the election date

Sunak claimed “Keir Starmer won’t tell you what he’s going to do” – because you won’t like it

The PM told our readers that the numbers for net migration are already forecast to halve in the next 12 months – and the Tories will then introduce a legal cap to bring incoming migrants down.

He told viewers: “If I am your PM, flights will go, people will be removed.

“If Keir wins, they are all gonna be released and out on the streets – it’s your choice.”

Pushed on the fact that no flights have taken off to Rwanda since the policy was announced in 2022, he said: “What have I done every time when someone has tried to block it… I’ve kept going.

“I put new laws on the table. We’ve passed those laws to deal with Albania, but this is about the future.

“I’ve got a plan. If you think this is if you think this is an issue… I’ve not heard from anyone an alternative plan.”

He added: “The choice for all of you election is whether you believe illegal migrants should not be in our country.

“They should be able to move out to somewhere else, or we’re all going to be released with the tape and they’ll be out on the streets, but that’s a choice.”

Asked on how he rates his own performance since he became PM in 2022, he said: “I made sure we could restore economic security and tackle the cost of living.

“You can judge me. I want to be very transparent about what I’m wanting to do for you – and the first of those was bringing down inflation.

“The Labour party are going to release everyone.”

Rishi Sunak

“That is a sign of progress.”

The Sun’s Political Editor Harry Cole pushed Sunak on the betting scandal, saying “your bodyguard, your aid, your campaign manager” are all being probed by the Gambling Commission.

He said he was “incredibly angry” when he heard that members of his own party were being investigated over allegedly having a flutter on the date of the election.

Sunak replied: “I’ve been crystal clear, if anyone has broken the rules not upheld the standards, I would expect that they will be held to account.

“They should face the consequences of the law, and they will be booted out and the Conservative Party.

“I was as angry as anybody when I heard about these things. The right thing to do, is to get to the bottom of this and investigate this properly.”

The PM told Rehan, a renter, that he wants everyone to achieve the dream of owning their own home.

Sunak said: “Owning your own home is what allows you to build a life, build a family, that gives you a stake in your community.

How to watch our election showdown

Watch Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer face the questions YOU care about on our Never Mind The Ballots Election Showdown.

Political Editor Harry Cole has grilled the PM first before taking on the Labour Leader in the clash.

You can watch on, our YouTube channel and on our social media accounts.

“It’s something I passionately believe.

He said he will “reintroduce a new form of Help to Buy which means you won’t have to save up as much for the deposit – it will save you tens of thousands of pounds.

“And the second thing we’re going to do is abolish stamp duty for first-time buyers effectively… That’s gonna save you thousands of pounds and it’s gonna get you on the housing ladder far quicker.

“Again, elections are a choice, the Labour Party have said no to both of those things. You’re only gonna get those things if I’m your Prime Minister.”

He was questioned on the state of the NHS with a heartbreaking question from reader Fliss Gilbert, who lost her dad just weeks ago to cancer.

The PM said six million referrals for cancer have been missed since the pandemic, and it will take a significant amount of time to process the backlog.

He conceded it won’t be fixed “overnight”, adding: “The NHS today, because of the money we’ve put in, it’s doing more than it’s ever done.

“Working flat out and the amount of treatments and operations, all of that is a record level.

“But obviously, it is just a challenge to work through the fact that they’ve got the six million referrals that obviously are coming into the system and we’re going to take time… It’s going to take longer to work through that I’m not going to pretend overnight and be fixed overnight.”

The latest polls put support for Sir Keir Starmer at 40 per cent, 20 points ahead of rival Mr Sunak.

But with ten days still to go, the PM is still raring to gain back ground and avoid a Tory wipeout.

Sunak seemed in good spirits when he took his seat for our show, asking the audience: “Has Harry been telling you any jokes?”.

Sir Keir is second to be interrogated on major issues including the cost-of-living crisis, immigration, national security and the NHS.

He will be quizzed on criticism from JK Rowling over his party’s trans policies.

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