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College tuition are prices higher than ever and continuing to rise.
Skyrocketing prices have forced students to apply for loans and take on crippling debt.
For many of the nation’s elite, this lofty spending begins long before college at expensive high schools, lower schools and, even preschools.
INSIDER looked at Pre-Ks, lower schools and high schools in the United States and calculated the total cost of the most expensive college education. The result was well over $1 million.
While it’s unlikely that anyone would follow this exact path, it’s a startling reminder that education is a multi-billion dollar business.
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All across the US, graduates, activists, and even presidential candidates are speaking out about the astronomical cost of obtaining a four-year college degree. These prices, which have increased by 213% for public universities in the past 30 years, have led to record numbers of student loans and record debt. But while college costs are well documented, for some, the massive price tag starts adding up much earlier.

According to a survey released by the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States spent around $668 billion on public education in 2015. While it’s unclear how much is spent overall on private schools, data released by The Princeton Review puts the average private school tuition for lower school students at $9,638 per year and $14,522 per year for high schoolers. High schools, lower schools, and even nurseries now cost more than many universities.

Even though free education is guaranteed across every US state via the public school system, parents of means often choose to seek out private options. Many may be motivated by the notoriously underfunded US public education system, which lags far behind other countries. According Pew Research Center data released in 2017, the United States ranked 38th in math and 24th in science when compared against 71 other countries. That’s a steep fall from just two decades ago, when the US education system ranked 6th internationally.

As a result, the rich (and sometimes the not-so-rich) are spending more than ever on school long before students ever reach college. So how much exactly does all that learning cost? INSIDER found some of the most expensive pre-kindergartens, lower schools, high schools, and colleges across the US and added up the yearly cost of attendance. The number was shocking.

Even before reaching college, the students attending the schools on this list would have spent $1,017,550 dollars. And this number could have been even higher. (INSIDER limited the schools to those located in the United States, but some of the most prestigious European boarding schools can cost nearly $100,000 per year. )

While it’s unlikely that anyone would follow this exact path, it’s a startling reminder that education is big business.

Each school featured below offers varying forms or financial aid and scholarship opportunities, so not every student will necessarily pay 100% of the listed tuition …read more

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In 2019, getting a private school education could cost you more than $1.3 million dollars

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