I’ve personally helped over 100 people start successful side hustles. Here’s how I can quickly tell if they’ll become full-time dream jobs or remain expensive hobbies.

Leah Gervais

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Side hustling, and the side hustlers behind them, will forever have a soft spot in my heart.

My now-thriving coaching business started as a side hustle around my paralegal job at a Manhattan real estate law firm when I was 24. I was making an entry-level salary in the most expensive city in the world and was ready to take control of my finances.

In addition to the financial benefits, I started my side hustle to find what was lacking in my career path. Though I was a paralegal and though I had been recently admitted into law school, I was starting to accept what I had been denying for months: I did not want to go to law school.

That side hustle, searching for financial stability and career clarity, turned out to create my career path, and even employs my team of five today.

Knowing the power of side hustles, I have since helped over 100 people start successful side hustles, scale them, and leave their 9-5 jobs, primarily through my group coaching program called Scale Your Side Hustle.

As such, I have the unique privilege of knowing what it actually takes to transform a side hustle into a full-time gig, not just an expensive hobby. Since COVID-19, I’ve received more questions and emails than ever before about the secret to side hustle success.

I can typically tell within the first few minutes whether or not the side hustle in question is on the path to success. Here’s what I look for:

1. Is the side hustle virtual?

This was relevant before COVID-19, but is especially true today.

At a minimum, your side hustle should be marketing and selling online. Even if you’re selling physical products, marketing them online will expand your reach by the millions — literally. Online paid ads are also much more powerful than old school forms of advertising, like television and newspapers, because of sophisticated targeting.

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At best, you’ll even have offerings that are entirely digital, not physical. This could be consulting services done via Zoom, an e-course, affiliate links in your blog post, or group services using WhatsApp.

Having a virtual side hustle dramatically cuts your overhead costs, which are often entirely on you, the side hustler, in the beginning. Having your side hustle be virtual elevates your scalability through the roof.

2. Are you frequently selling?

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many side hustlers aren’t actually selling.

For instance, an Instagram account, no matter how well meaning, is not a business on its own. Neither is a blog or a Facebook page. These platforms can advertise, but the business needs to be selling products and services on a frequent basis.

Oftentimes, in my Scale Your Side Hustle program, aspiring side hustlers join and are frustrated with their ratio of effort to sales. It doesn’t feel good to work so hard for nothing in return!

I help my clients see how imperative it is that the sales opportunity is obvious to their audience. Look at your last few emails or social media posts …read more

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