James Comey’s smug P.R. tour has almost no news value — but it’s driving Donald Trump nuts


Getty/Nicholas Kamm

Getty/Nicholas Kamm

After failing to mount any real defense against Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury,” Donald Trump and his allies are trying to push back hard against the release of James Comey’s memoir “A Higher Loyalty.” They really ought not to bother, since the fired FBI director’s book offers very little that has not been heard before.

It’s notable in some sense that one of America’s former top law enforcement officials is willing to compare the sitting president to a mafia boss, something Comey also did during his interview broadcast Sunday night by ABC. Still, MSNBC and other channels frequently feature the commentary of Comey’s former intelligence colleague James Clapper denouncing Trump as a “Russian asset” and various other insults. Given how many left-leaning television comedians willing to make such jibes on a nightly basis, after a certain point the imprecations start to blend together. They certainly have no effect on the president’s fans.

In this regard, Comey is far from an original wit. He described Trump as “orange,” and remarking on the size of the president’s hands, the length of his ties and his the obvious willingness to lie about anything. Only the latter accusation actually matters, of course, but it is so evident that hearing yet another person say it is meaningless. Trump is a lout with no respect for the rule of law, which is why the man he unjustly fired should be above such pettiness.

Having scooped himself in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last June, Comey seems to have padded his word count with endless anecdotes from his childhood and frequent odes to his own personal uprightness disguised as lectures on “leadership.” As the Washington Post’s

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