Japan beats Korea 13-4: WBC live updates and score

The World Baseball Classic resumed Friday morning as Shohei Ohtani and Japan took on Korea Republic.

Korea took a 3-0 lead in the third inning, but after that it was only Japan who scored 13 runs. Before Friday, the two teams from Pool B opened the WBC in opposing ways as Korea lost to Australia 8-7 while Japan beat China 8-1.

Here are the top plays from the game!

FINALS: Japan 13, Korea Republic 4

We are away!

Yu Darvish hit a three-pointer for Japan in the first inning in front of an excited crowd.

Korea strikes first

Baekho Kang led with a brace into left midfield from the top of third for Korea Republic.

The next batter, Euiji Yang, hit a two-run home run down left field to give Korea a 2-0 lead.

Euiji Yang hits a home run deep into left field to lead Korea 2-0 over Japan

Korea took a 2-0 lead over Japan after Euji Yang Yu Darvis hit a home run deep into left field.

Make them three

With two outs on top of the third, Jung Hoo Lee hit a base into right field and scored Korea’s third run of the inning.

Japan strikes back

Japan got the first two bottom-third batters on the basepaths before getting on the board. Third batter of the inning Lars Nootbaar hit an RBI single into right midfield and put runners in the corners with no one out.

The next batter, Kensuke Kondoh, hit a double off the underside of the midfield wall, driving in another run and putting the runners in second and third place. It also knocked out starting pitcher Kwang Hyun Kim.

leadership change

Tae-in Won came into play for Korea.

After Ohtani intentionally walked and Munetaka Murakami surfaced, Masataka Yoshida put Japan ahead with a two-run singles.

Japan leads 4-3 ahead of Korea after base hits by Lars Nootbaar, Kensuke Kondoh and Masataka Yoshida

Japan took a 4-3 lead after base hits by Lars Nootbaar, Kensuke Kondoh and Masataka Yoshida.

Japan pitching change

Darvish was replaced by Shota Imanaga, who put up a fourth inning one-two-three.

What a game!

With a three-player collision looming in the outfield grass, Nootbaar pulled off an amazing head-diving grave.

Japan’s Lars Nootbaar aims in left field to make a ridiculous play

Japan’s Lars Nootbaar lay down in left field for a ridiculous grab.

Just get out of here

Kondoh caught Won’s curveball and hit him just over the right field wall for a solo home run. Japan took the lead 5-3.

Japan’s Kensuke Kondoh hits a home run to lead Japan 5-3 over Korea

Japan took a 5-3 lead over Korea after Kensuke Kondoh hit a home run.

Productive outs

Right after the solo home run and a pitching change, Ohtani doubled down the right field line in front of Korea’s Been Gwak as shown below. Then Ohtani scored Japan’s sixth run with a groundout to first base and a sacrifice fly to the right fieldwall.

Japan’s Shohei Ohtani shoots a brace into right field against Korea

Japan’s Shohei Ohtani scored a brace down the right field line against Korea.

Got one back

Korea edged closer to Japan’s lead at the top of sixth when Kunwoo Park hit an opposing field with a solo home run from the right.

Homers at Kunwoo Park put Korea down 6-4 to Japan

Kunwoo Park smashed a home run to lead Korea to a 6-4 deficit against Japan at the World Baseball Classic.


Takumu Nakano hit a three-pointer to start what became an eventful sixth finisher for Japan.

A walk and a pitch hit then loaded bases for Japan, followed by Kondoh walking in a run. The next hitter, Ohtani, singled in one run and promoted everyone up a pocket.

Shohei Ohtani extends Japan’s lead over Korea with an RBI single

Shohei Ohtani extended Japan’s lead over Korea after beating an RBI singles.

Murakami then hit a sacrificial fly into left midfield followed by RBI singles from Yoshida and Kazuma Okamoto.

Japan tacked two more runs late in the seventh on a wild climb and later walk to take a 13-4 lead. That would be the ending.

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