Jeff Bezos has gotten $70 billion richer in the past 12 months. Here are 11 mind-blowing facts that show just how wealthy the Amazon CEO really is.

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Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, is worth $183 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index.

In August, the Amazon CEO became the first person in history to be worth $200 billion as Amazon sales surged during the coronavirus pandemic, but his net worth has since dipped back down.

Bezos is about more than twice as rich as the British monarchy, which has an estimated net worth of $88 billion. He retained his ranking as the world’s richest person even after his 2019 divorce from MacKenzie Bezos. She kept a 4% stake in Amazon, which now makes her the third-richest woman in the world.

Though Jeff Bezos’ annual salary is only $81,840, most of his wealth comes from his Amazon shares. The world’s richest man makes $2,219 per second — more than twice what the median US worker makes in one week, according to Business Insider’s calculations.

Here are 11 mind-blowing facts that show just how wealthy Bezos really is.

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1. Bezos is worth $183 billion despite being paid an annual salary of just $81,840, less than what most US representatives take home.

Of course, a large portion of Bezos’ wealth is tied to Amazon stock, not his salary.

Business Insider calculated how much Bezos has made in the past 12 months, based on the change in his net worth year-over-year.

Since mid-September 2019, Bezos’ fortune has grown by $70 billion.

It’s even more impressive if you break that down to how much Bezos makes every day, every hour, and even every second.

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2. Bezos makes $2,219 per second — more than twice what the median US worker makes in one week.

That’s $133,181 per minute.

That means that in just one minute, the Amazon chief makes more than three times what the median US worker makes in a year: about $41,000, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

3. After divorcing his wife MacKenzie in 2019 and giving up 25% of the Amazon stock owned by the couple, Bezos retained his ranking as the richest person in the world.

MacKenzie Scott is now the third-richest woman in the world, after L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, and Walmart heiress Alice Walton.

MacKenzie, who was one of Amazon’s first employees, is worth an estimated $59.6 billion.

4. With his $183 billion, Bezos has a net worth equivalent to nearly 40% of the top 100 US college endowments.

The five richest colleges in the US in 2018 based on the size of their endowments were Harvard University, with $38.3 billion, the University of Texas system, with $30.9 billion, and Yale University, with $29.4 billion, Stanford University with $26.5 billion, and Princeton University with $25.9 billion.

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