Jenna Ortega discusses a wardrobe malfunction on the Scream VI red carpet

Jenna Ortega has addressed her recent wardrobe malfunction after attending the scream VI Premiered with a Sharpie stain on her couture dress.

This week the Wednesday Star walked the red carpet ahead of the premiere of the sixth installment in the slasher franchise. Scream. Ortega arrived at the screening Monday night wearing a black and white couture look by Jean Paul Gaultier. The structured shirt dress – featuring a white sleeveless bustier top beneath a black structured blazer – was designed by Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing.

However, the 20-year-old actor managed to get a noticeable blue sharpie smudge on the white tuxedo dress. While it’s unclear where the blue mark came from, it most likely happened while Ortega was signing autographs for fans outside of the New York City premiere.

Ortega then had no choice but to walk the red carpet with the stain, as photos from the event show the Golden Globe nominee trying to cover it with her hand.

Ortega shared photos of the on Instagram on Wednesday scream VI Premiere while hashtags are used to fix wardrobe malfunction. “#sharpiestainwhogivesas***,” she wrote. The You star also apologized to Rousteing for getting Sharpie for the couture dress he designed. “#imsosorryolivier @olivier_rousteing,” she said.

Fans in her comments section seemed equally unfazed by the Sharpie stain.

“The blob is actually a blue verified tick,” wrote one fan.

“Sharpie spot is a moment fr,” said another.

Meanwhile, the official Instagram account for the Scream Movies aptly commented, “How well does the red carpet hide blood stains?”

Ortega who will make them Saturday night live Hosting debut on March 11, recently opened up about her dating life and explained why she’s not in a relationship right now. In conversation with ell For the magazine’s Impact Issue, Ortega revealed why she’s not dating anyone right now.

“Maybe I’m too obsessed with my work, but the idea of ​​relationships stresses me out,” she said. “And also being so vulnerable with someone and having to get to know someone so well and having someone who sees you for all that you are.”

“I hate being googoogaga about a boy,” she added. “I think it’s secretly a matter of pride. It’s a problem with a lot of female characters that a lot of them are male oriented or what they express or feel is based on a man’s position and his story.”


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