Jessica Biel comes out as anti-vaxxer… lobbies against California vaccination bill with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Jessica Biel Timberlake spent her Tuesday lobbying 15 legislators against supporting a California vaccination bill alongside Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the California State Assembly and State Senate in Sacramento.

The 65-year-old anti-vaxxer called the 37-year-old actress ‘courageous’ for urging lawmakers like Democratic Assemblywoman Autumn Burke to oppose SB 276, a bill limiting medical exemptions from vaccinations without approval from a state public health officer.

‘[Jessica] is upset about this issue because of its particular cruelty. She has friends who have been vaccine-injured who would be forced to leave the state,’ Kennedy – who’s married to Cheryl Hines – explained to The Daily Beast on Wednesday.


‘We didn’t vaccinate… I read too many books about autism and studies,’ Kristin said.

There are countless books that make anecdotal links between autism and vaccination, but they are all rooted on one now-debunked study.

The ‘scientific’ root of the movement comes from a 1998 paper led by the now-infamous Andrew Wakefield – who has been dating Elle Macpherson.

Wakefield’s research suggested that the MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccine ‘triggers’ autism in children.

In the scientific community, the backlash was swift and clear.

Scores of scientists published their own studies in response, pointing out the poor quality of the study – for example, problems with the sampling, and unethical funding.

Plus, most children develop the first signs of autism around the same age that they would get the MMR vaccine: between 12 and 18 months.

Scientists pointed out there was no reason to think that shots caused autism – what Wakefield found was nothing more than a coincidence of timing.

The Lancet, the journal that published the study, ultimately retracted it.

But Wakefield’s now-debunked research made headlines, and anti-vaccination sentiments spread like wildfire among some communities – including Hollywood.

‘The biggest problem with the bill, which is something I think Jessica is concerned with is that a doctor who has made a determination – if he has found children in this state whose doctors have determined that they’re too fragile to receive vaccinations – this bill would overrule the doctors and force them to be vaccinated anyways.’

The Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak publisher then claimed that the recent measles epidemic in New York and Washington State ‘has almost nothing to do with unvaccinated children’

The scientific consensus is that vaccines do NOT cause autism, but Robert proudly chairs the Children’s Health Defense – which alleges a government conspiracy that vaccines ’cause autism, ADHD, food allergies, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.’

Kennedy’s anti-vax post featuring Biel received congratulatory comments from former porn star Jenna Jameson, Golden Globe-nominated actress Rosanna Arquette, and James Van Der Beek’s wife Kimberly.

The Tufts University drop-out has never before spoken out against vaccines, but a source told In Touch back in 2015 that Biel ‘refused to vaccinate’ her son Silas Randall (now 4) with husband Justin Timberlake.

Jessica will likely join the 38-year-old …read more

Source:: Daily times


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Jessica Biel comes out as anti-vaxxer and lobbies against CA bill

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