JK Rowling is right, Sir Keir Starmer’s view of women is just Potty

HARRY POTTER genius JK Rowling has an unerring eye for hypocrisy, deceit and the triumph of good over evil.

It has made her a powerful icon and one of the richest women on the planet. 

One of Rowling’s greatest creations was the soul-sucking Dementor

One of her greatest creations is the Dementor, a black-cloaked figure with the power to suck people’s souls out through their mouths. 

Now she has turned her basilisk gaze on Sir Keir Starmer and his demented claim that women can have a penis. 

Writing for our sister paper The Times, Rowling denounced Starmer as untrustworthy, and effectively urged  women voters to boycott Labour in next week’s General Election

“As long as Labour remains dismissive and often offensive towards women fighting to retain the rights their fore-mothers thought were won for all time, I’ll struggle to support them,” she said. 

In a devastating verdict which will resonate with millions of fans, she says she does not trust Starmer’s judgment and has a “poor opinion” of his character.

She blasts him for “abandoning” women, raising the key questions  about his honesty, which hang over “Sir Shifty’s” head  like a bad smell.

It is an astonishing pre-polling day bombshell from a self-declared leftie who once handed Gordon Brown’s Labour Party £1million in hard cash. Rowling has been a particular victim of foul-mouthed trans extremists.

 Ungrateful Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson turned against her for supporting women’s rights ahead of gender converts.

 Outrageously, her name was almost entirely erased from the credits of a Hogwarts spin-off in retaliation for her defence of feminists. 

Labour’s campaign HQ is well aware of Rowling’s formidable firepower. 

Rabbit hole

The inventor of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them has just carried out a seek and destroy mission against the SNP for turning criticism of trans women into a hate crime

After referring to criminally convicted trans women as men, she added: “I look forward to being arrested when I return to the birthplace of the Scottish Enlightenment.” 

Rattled police declined to prosecute. 

The adoptive Scot author then upped the ante by offering to pay for the defence of any woman accused of trans hate crime.

 The hate crime law has been put on ice. Yet Starmer stubbornly flies in the face of scientific fact in pursuit of Labour’s perverse new religion of diversity, inclusion and equality. 

The human rights lawyer backed the pernicious doctrine of sexual self-identification — even as men identifying them-selves as women were being locked up for rape. 

He attacked fellow Labour MP Rosie Duffield for daring to say “only a woman can have a cervix”. 

It was not until Tony Blair forced the issue last week by saying a man has a penis and a woman a vagina that weaselly Starmer could bring himself to agree. 

This absurdity has dragged the entire public sector, especially the NHS, down a rabbit hole where breastfeeding is renamed “chest feeding” and a vagina is creepily known as a “bonus hole”.

GettyJK Rowling has turned her basilisk gaze on Sir Keir Starmer and his demented claim that women can have a penis[/caption]

GettyKeir Starmer attacked fellow Labour MP Rosie Duffield for daring to say ‘only a woman can have a cervix’[/caption]

Under hospital rules, men have to declare if they are pregnant before surgery.

This nonsense will explode into a new woke dystopia under Labour, with divisive new rules outlawing white privilege, racism, blasphemy against Islam and criticism of immigration

Starmer and deputy Labour chief Angela Rayner made fools of themselves when pictured “taking the knee” to rabble-rousing Black Lives Matter

But after July 4 we will all have to toe the line under Sir Shifty. 

Social warriors will rule the roost in government-picked quangos and enforcement agencies covering the work- place, public services and school classrooms. 

Trumped-up charges

“If Starmer steps into No 10 on July 5, the forces of wokery will be unleashed,” says Buck-ingham University politics prof-essor Eric Kaufmann. 

“Drawing a halo of sanctity around these groups creates a form of religion, making rat-ional debate impossible. 

“Supporting diversity, equality and inclusion becomes a badge of virtue, with criticism deemed a form of heresy.” 

Starmer and the Labour Party have stopped listening. 

They are ideologically com-mitted to the creed of Diver-sity, Inclusion and Equality. 

Joanne Rowling’s wealth and public profile might save her from landing in the dock on trumped-up charges of bigotry and hatred.

But the rest of us will be obliged to bend the knee at the altar of fake equality.

Bercow is the perfect robber baron

WHAT might Prime Minister Keir Starmer’s first honours list look like? 

A clue can be found in the left-wing Observer’s front page yesterday predicting a Labour Government would defy the 2016 referendum and reverse Brexit. 

Step forward disgraced ex-Speaker John Bercow, exiled from Westminster for bullying staff and blackballed by polite society after brazenly trying to sabotage the biggest single-issue vote in UK history. 

Bercow, an extreme right-wing Tory turned Labour double agent, is the perfect robber baron.

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