Jud Bergman, wife Mary Miller-Bergman die tragically in San Francisco head-on car collision, stunning a devastated RIA business community


The 62 year-old Envestnet CEO, chairman and co-founder was in a taxi crash in San Francisco with suspected drunk driver; Miller founded Hanover Hill Wealth Advisors in Chicago

Brooke’s Note: This is the first article I’ve ever written while fighting back tears. Jud Bergman has been one of the great, vital forces in our community and business. I recall meeting him in San Francisco at an early Tiburon CEO Summit when Envestnet was fairly new and I had a hard time understanding exactly what his Chicago company did. There was a warmth in his eyes and smile and a sense that the wheels were turning all the time, which added to a mystique. He was always looking for a challenge that was larger than you knew was possible to pursue in this business. He leaves one of the great RIA business legacies. He was pursuing an even grander one, even though — paradoxically — he never showed any particular need for the approval of others. The only boasting I ever heard from him was about his musical children. I loved hearing his excitement. It’s what won’t leave my mind.

Mary Miller-Bergman, founder of Hanover Hill Wealth Advisors in Chicago was killed in the accident.

Brian Hamburger: ‘I’m stunned, devastated and left longing for just one more conversation.’

Chip Roame: ‘We sat many late nights over whiskey (his choice) or gin (my choice).’

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