Katy Perry Struts in Extreme Cut-Out Dress, “Ready To Pop Off”

Mega pop star and American Idol mainstay Katy Perry is flaunting her fit post-baby body in a tiny white crochet string bikini as she promotes her upcoming new song “Woman’s World.” The song drops on July 11, and the video drops July 12. As Perry says, “Get ready to pop off.”

As seen below, Perry is also striking a pose in a stunning, extreme black strap see-through floral/vine dress by designer Kei Ninomiya (and matching lace-up stilettos) for Vogue magazine. She captioned the series of photos and video: “Vogue World x Woman’s World.”

Be sure to swipe: Slide 4 is a behind-the-scene video of Doja Cat and Cara Delevingne directing Perry on how to model the provocative dress.

Doja Cat warns Perry against giving a “dead behind eyes look.” She added: “Make sure you look like you’re going somewhere but like not in a pop star way, more like a I’ve never been a pop star way.” When Perry replied, “I’ve only ever been a pop star,” the cameraman bursts into laughter.

Perry then proceeds to strut as directed and finds her groove when she tells herself to walk “like a tiger.” Both Doja Cat and Delevingne approve of the epiphany. For more of Perry, check out American Idol on ABC.

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