Keep artificial turf off Santa Clara County property: Letter to the editor

Re: “30 tips to help your June garden” (June 5).

As a mother of an athlete and a member of Mothers Out Front Silicon Valley, I strongly agree with Nan Sterman that “Living plants are always a better choice than artificial turf.”

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Artificial turf is a health, climate and environmental hazard. It can reach a scorching 180 degrees Farenheit, making the surface dangerously hot to touch and can lead to dehydration, heatstroke and painful blisters on hands and feet. Plastic grass is made from petroleum, contains PFAS and other chemicals linked to cancer and organ damage, and on hot days, releases a pungent odor of toxic gasses. Injuries occur often and take much longer to heal. To cool and clean, artificial turf requires watering with potable (drinking) water, and the runoff contaminates our streams and bay.

I urge the Santa Clara County supervisors to ban artificial turf on county-owned property and prioritize natural, living grass to protect our children, climate and environment.

Meghna Varma


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