Killer Instinct players cannot access characters or purchased content, making the game essentially unplayable

It’s been a rough couple of months lately considering a hacker recently shut down the game’s online modes completely and now for some reason this is going under.

Players who have logged into Killer Instinct in the past few days are encountering the serious issue that none of their characters or purchased content is accessible in the title, making it essentially unplayable.

As NickyFGC and others have pointed out, AI doesn’t throw any errors or messages whatsoever, but attempting to play any mode results in a character select screen that is completely locked apart from free rotation selection – although some have reported that they still have access to it have orchid or 1 other fighter too.

This applies to both online and single player modes. So there’s no point in trying to play it unless you really like Tusk at the moment.

The community has not been able to identify a cause or consistent solution to the issue, nor has Microsoft addressed what exactly is going on.

However, as it stands, the issue likely stems from server/authentication issues preventing AI from seeing what content is already owned.

Other online users are reporting similar issues in games like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot where their DLC or even save data seems to be missing, so this might also be a bigger issue Xbox services are facing at the moment.

The Windows PC version of Killer Instinct is reportedly the hardest hit, although Xbox users are also seeing their content wiped out as well.

This is a pretty big problem, especially since the majority of the player base that is still playing AI is using this version of Windows and is basically crippling the community.

However, the Steam version of AI currently appears to be working normally.

Seeing this happening on such a large scale raises some of our worst fears about owning and accessing digital content, when even a game’s single-player features can become unusable when servers are unavailable or malfunctioning.

Considering that Microsoft fixed the AI ​​hacking issue in ranked that ended ranked mode last year, players can expect things to get back on track, even if they haven’t said anything yet.

We’ll update this story as more information becomes available, and you can check out NickyFGC’s video below for more on what’s going on in Killer Instinct.


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