LAUSD schools to remain open on Monday amid storm

Los Angeles Unified School District schools will remain open Monday amid heavy rain and potential flooding expected as a storm system makes its way over the region, district officials said on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said during a news conference on Sunday that schools will remain open, with the decision heavily weighing on students who rely on school-provided meals throughout the week.

“Considering the fact that our students depend on nutrition at school, we have made the decision at this point to maintain our schools open going into tomorrow,” he said. “After this weekend, many (students) will depend on their breakfast, lunch, a snack, and in many cases their dinner.”

Plans to keep campuses open were initially tentative on Sunday, but around 7 p.m., the district announced that all school will be open on Monday, except for Vinedale College Preparatory Academy in Sun Valley as the area was under an evacuation warning.

Students and staff at Vinedale will instead be moved to Glenwood Elementary, about a mile away.

Carvalho urged parents and staff to make the decision on whether it is safe to make the drive to campuses on Monday.

“We recognize the severity and the threat that this storm brings,” he said. “We will be exercising a great deal of grace, patience and understanding both with our students and our workforce.”

Plans on whether to remain open on Monday were still subject to change, the district said, with another update expected to be posted on the district’s website and social media channels at 6 a.m. Monday.

“We do not expect them to change dramatically but if they do, we are ready to make decisions,” Carvalho said.

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