Letters: Biden may not be perfect, but he is trying to make life better for all Americans

In defense of Biden’s efforts

Re: “The failure was in ending the ‘uncivil war’,” Jan. 25 letter to the editor

I want to respond to the letter about President Joe Biden’s efforts to unify the country. This president has done plenty for the American people, from supporting unions, signing legislation to improve/fix infrastructure, reducing the burden of student loans, fighting climate change, and improving our technology edge. These executive and legislative achievements help all Americans.

Former President Trump enacted tax breaks that primarily benefit the rich and corporations while playing favorites with red states when he tried to move Space Force to Alabama.

Biden hasn’t been perfect, but he’s done all he can with a GOP Congress that seems to be more interested in manifesting chaos and failure to appease their presumptive candidate who’s being dragged down by 91 felony charges, including accusations he tried to overthrow an election, stole top secret documents involving nuclear capabilities and war plans while also having punishing financial penalties related to his sexual assault liability and fraudulent company finances. Trump is no unifier except for criminals, while Biden is trying to make all American’s lives better despite ideological differences between the parties.

Tony Hillas, Centennial

Tragedies and near-tragedies post-Roe

Re: “Woman who miscarried at home won’t be charged, grand jury decides,” Jan. 12 news story and “Woman blocked from having abortion,” Dec. 10 news story

The recent cases of Brittany Watts in Ohio and Kate Cox in Texas serve as harrowing reminders of the consequences faced by women in states with draconian abortion laws. Despite Republican assurances, these women’s health emergencies were not just neglected; their personal tragedies were compounded by legal prosecution and denial of essential health care.

Despite what you might hear from Republicans on the campaign trail in 2024, trying to appear moderate by talking about the supposed “exceptions,” it’s all a mirage. The “exceptions” to these laws are neither reliable nor humane. And they’re not just failing women but are actively endangering their lives. This systematic denial of health care is a chilling echo of the once-decried “death panels.”

Yeniifer Alvarez-Estrada Glick is a young woman who was likely killed by Texas’ abortion ban. Dr. Christina Francis, the CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), blamed doctors and a lack of resources. The “pro-life” group also suggested that when women’s lives are in danger from a massive placental abruption, they should be made to labor for up to 24 hours–even if they need blood transfusions or the ICU — instead of being given an abortion. Why? In order to deliver “an intact fetal body.”

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They will do anything to avoid telling the truth: that Texas’ abortion ban — and the ideology that passed it — killed Yeni. There’s nothing “pro-life” about abortion bans or so-called “exceptions.”

The only viable path forward is clear and urgent: we must send more Democrats to Congress, reelect President Joe Biden, eliminate the filibuster, and firmly codify Roe vs. Wade into law. This is a critical step in ensuring that women’s health and rights are not just a matter of political debate but are protected as fundamental human rights.

Patty Clucas, Fort Collins

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