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Flag giveaway
dishonors Old Glory

It’s that time again. Recently in my Almaden neighborhood, two competing real estate firms have been placing small American flags (complete with business cards) in front of each house. I assume it is an effort to inspire patriotism, or just maybe it’s for advertising. (Could that be possible?)

These flags are stuck, not too securely, in the ground in front of each house, and then just left there. I was taught as a child that an American flag should never touch the ground. Some of these flags are on the ground a few minutes after they have been placed. Some homeowners never seem to put these flags back upright.

Wouldn’t it be better if these realtors put the flags in homeowners’ mailboxes? Then homeowners could decide if they wanted to properly display their flags. Then these flags would all be respected.

Monty Steadman
San Jose

Trump victory would
be start of bad times

Have you started to prepare yourself for a Donald Trump victory? Have you started building a physical or mental bunker?

If, with the passage of time, we naturally progress, another Trump term would be out of the question. But the truth is, we don’t really progress in a linear fashion. We just have ups and downs. And in November, the polls tell us we’re due for a really big down.

In my parents’ lives, they had their childhood robbed by the Depression, then World War II uprooted them and sent them overseas. Add to that the Holocaust and the McCarthy era. That was rough stuff. This November, we too are going to have it pretty rough. The polls forecast the unbelievable will befall the nation.

It helps me to know that my parents went through some unbelievable history themselves.

November will be here soon. Hold on to your hat.

Robert Wright
San Jose

Trump not showing
could be a good thing

There’s a finite chance that Donald Trump may not show up for the debate. My imagination is limited in coming up with all of the possible excuses.

Undoubtedly, Joe Biden has been preparing by sparring with one or more individuals who represent Trump, in most of his personas.

So, if Trump tries to cancel the debate or just doesn’t show up, the Biden team could prepare one of his sparring partners to be onstage, unofficially representing the truant.

After the appropriate disclaimers, CNN could then proceed with the planned debate topics as if nothing had happened. The debate could be very insightful and entertaining — and a great way for Biden to get some priceless zero-cost campaign advertising.

And, depending on who represents Trump and how the “single candidate” or “will he show up?” debate is promoted, CNN could actually have a higher viewership.

Barry Bronson

Over some principles,
polarization only option

Re: “Union can’t survive continued polarization” (Page A6, June 13).

About high school student Connor Bone who decried the “political polarization” rampaging in our country, I believe polarization is essential.

After all, someone has to stand up against people who think they are above the law and can stomp on our Constitution. Someone has to stand up for the planet against global warming deniers. Someone has to stand up for minority rights and immigrants against xenophobes. Someone has to stand up for voting rights against election deniers. Someone has to stand up for gender equality and abortion rights against sexists. Someone has to stand up for gun safety and gun control against the NRA. Someone has to stand up for LGBTQ rights against homophobes and the like. Someone has to stand up for democracy against authoritarianism.

Polarization exists against those ideas that truly do not make America great again.

Guy Vigier
San Jose

Hitting climate goals
needs permitting reform

My husband and I are on our return trip to California after driving our EV across the country to Washington, D.C. The primary purpose of our trip was to attend the June 8-11 Citizens’ Climate Lobby Summer Conference and Lobby Day in D.C.

On June 11, over 1,000 climate-concerned volunteers from all around the country held 442 lobby meetings on Capitol Hill, meeting with senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle (including in the offices of our own members of Congress: Rep. Anna Eshoo, Sen. Alex Padilla and Sen. Laphonza Butler).

We highlighted the need for clean energy permitting reform, which would speed up the approval of electric transmission lines to help get solar and wind energy from where it’s produced to where it’s needed. Without this, the United States will not reach its climate goals.

Members of Congress are influenced by their constituents. Please urge yours to support permitting reform.

Paula Danz
Los Altos

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Politics complicate our
reproductive rights

Re: “Perils of pregnancy and politics” (Page A1, June 16).

It makes sad and shocking reading to find politics asserting its ugly authority over the most natural and fundamental right of women to become pregnant and give birth.

The basic structure of life, to live life naturally on this planet, would collapse if this arrogant attitude of politicians is allowed to continue. Ask how they came into being. Let good sense prevail before it is too late.

Ramsingh Asnani
San Jose

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