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Pelosi’s desire for FBIprobe difficult to believe

Re: “Pelosi wants FBI to investigate pro-Palestinian protesters” (Page A3, Jan. 29).

Nancy Pelosi has called for FBI investigations into people who are advocating for a cease-fire in Gaza, suggesting that they are doing Putin’s work. This is quite frankly appalling.

Certainly, she is aware of the history of FBI “investigations” into the activities of people working for peace. The names of Martin Luther King and Leonard Bernstein, among many, come to mind. I am dumbfounded by her notion that those who have a moral revulsion at the slaughter of tens of thousands of women and children are somehow helping Putin — and that not only should we cease working for peace, but we should be investigated by the FBI.

Her statements are far from the Nancy Pelosi whom I once admired. It’s difficult to believe that she feels that this continuing slaughter in Gaza is justified because stopping it would help Putin.

James HoganEl Sobrante

League of Women Votersguide has wealth of info

The League of Women Voters of Oakland has prepared a complete digital guide to local election resources — “Register, Decide and Vote.” It is available on our website.

The guide for the March primary election includes the dates, times and registration links for multiple candidate forums on Zoom. Already several important forums have been scheduled such as that for the District 5 Board of Supervisors race, as well as the race for the District 12 U.S. congressional seat. Additional forums will be added as details are finalized.

The guide also includes impartial ballot analyses of Alameda County ballot Measures A and B and Oakland Measure D. One-page explainers and short videos set out the pros and cons of each local measure and also of the one statewide measure.

General information about registration, voting by mail or in person and other voting processes is included.

Gail WallaceOakland

GOP has no planfor immigration

During the first two years of the previous administration, Republicans controlled the House and the Senate. During that time Republicans never proposed, let alone passed, any immigration legislation.

The most significant actions taken during that period were a government shutdown, due to Republicans not providing funding for a border wall (that somehow Mexico was initially supposed to pay for) and the National Guard being sent to camp out at the border over the holidays to stop “caravans” which never arrived.

Republicans choose fear-mongering to incite and inflame and offer no policy solutions.

Barry GardinHayward

Apparent bias favorsTrump campaign

Re: “Trump, Biden win primaries as rematch appears likely” (Page A4, Jan. 24).

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Please cut back on the annoying favoritism shown in your election coverage. The Associated Press article mentions President Biden only once, as “a rematch.” The article begins, “Trump won,” and states, without attribution, that the former president is facing 91 felony counts showed that he can “unite the [GOP] behind him.” It casts his reelection as a foregone conclusion.

However, write-in Democrat Biden won a higher percentage of votes in his party than Trump did in his. My Republican candidate, Nikki Haley, picked up support, despite pundits writing her off. Most of us will not vote for the sore loser this November. Since 2020, he has divided the party and lost support to “Never Trumpers.” None of that was mentioned.

I am reminded of the media’s coronation of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Unfortunately, you were wrong that time. Hopefully, you are wrong again. Meanwhile, please, spare us the bias.

Chris ConradEl Sobrante

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