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PG&E is laggingin green innovation

Re: “EV batteries might aid the power grid and win drivers” (Page C7, June 8).

The article in Saturday’s Business and Technology section never referenced the fact that Green Mountain Power company in Vermont already offers programs for using customer batteries to store and deliver power.

The company, led by President Mari McClure, is very advanced in its approaches to power production and delivery that do not encourage the use of new technologies, unlike our PG&E.

Mary PaquetSan Jose

Country’s futuredepends on Biden

“Character matters” should be the slogan for President Biden’s reelection campaign. No matter what you think about his policies, anyone can see that Joe Biden is a man of principle, honest and hardworking. He is the kind of man you can trust to keep his word.

In contrast, his opponent is well-known for lying, cheating, bullying and being downright nasty. Worst of all, this man will take credit for anyone’s success while always refusing to accept responsibility for failure.

We must remember that character builds nations and reject this imposter challenging our sitting president and reelect Joe Biden. The country’s future depends on it.

Myokyaw MyintSan Jose

U.S. voters mustreject authoritarianism

Re: “Mexican election is no reason to celebrate” (Page A7, June 7).

Shortly after his election, Joe Biden said, “We’ve got to prove democracy works.” Kristina Foltz’s column says the current world struggle is between authoritarianism and democracy. At stake is individual liberty. It is not a competition between communism or socialism versus capitalism. Nor is it conservative versus liberal. There are autocrats who are communist and capitalist. She notes that the newly elected Mexican president promises to continue the socialist agenda of her predecessor, but also espouses his authoritarian proclivities.

Americans now have the choice between democracy and authoritarianism. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is the authoritarian candidate. He is not really a conservative; he is an authoritarian. Authoritarian leaders start out with a populist message appealing to the masses, generating polarization. But they eventually lead to government control of individual freedom. If we enjoy the liberty and prosperity that our democracy has given us, we must reject Trumpism.

Dave RiggsAptos

Mexico election strikesblow for feminism

Re: “Mexican election is no reason to celebrate” (Page A7, June 7).

The headline ignores the feminist meaning of the election. This is a huge gap in the glass ceiling.

Who knows, maybe someday the United States will catch up with our southern neighbor.

Robin YeamansCampbell

Article doesn’t measureRussia’s weakness

Re: “Is it now time talk about Ukraine peace?” (Page A6, June 7).

Daniel DePetris’ piece about Ukraine was wrong. Russia is losing the war. The resources of Ukraine with NATO and other countries’ support are greater than the resources of Russia.

The Russian economy is in downfall. Vladimir Putin is running out of money due to the war effort, sanctions and Ukrainian attacks on oil refining. He has used up reserves. He is raising taxes. Up to 700,000 Russians have left to avoid conscription.

Russia is having to increase the money it pays to people to fight. Russia is using Chinese-made golf cart-like vehicles in their attacks. Ukraine has F-16s on their way.

Russia is losing the war they think they are winning. Their vast military storage allowed equipment to rust and rot through neglect and corruption. Ukrainians are fighting for their right to call themselves Ukrainians. The only solution and lasting peace will come from a Russian collapse and a Ukrainian victory.

Brian DrygasSan Jose

Trump policies won’ttame consumer prices

Re: “Trump vows that he’ll lower prices; some of his policies could raise them” (Page A4, June 9).

Appeals to sanity, morality, ethics and reason have failed to sway Trump voters. Let’s try naked self-interest.

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Many voters are feeling the brunt of inflation and want something done about it. A number of campaign promises Donald Trump is making will do something about it — the wrong thing. His promise to impose a tariff on nearly all imported goods will raise those prices. His promise to enact the “largest domestic deportation in American history“ will reduce the labor supply and, with increased competition for labor, wage rates and prices go up. His promise to make permanent the 2017 tax cut (for the wealthy and corporations, by the way) plus providing another big tax cut for individuals and businesses would stimulate an economy already at full employment, resulting in … more inflation.

Vote your wallets and purses. Intelligently.

Eugene ElySan Jose

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