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Biden should step
aside in race

For the good of the United States and the world, President Biden should immediately announce that he is stepping aside to let someone else run as the Democratic nominee.

If Biden is the nominee, Trump will become president again, which would be a disaster.

Biden needs to put avoiding that disaster above his own political career and ego. Biden represents the status quo while the public wants change. The sitting president cannot represent change.

Biden still has time to do what LBJ did in March 1968 — go on TV and say that he values this country so much that he is going to do what is best for the country and that he will not seek or accept the nomination.

If he insists on running, Trump will win and do irreparable harm. Rarely have the interests of so many people rested on one person’s decision.

Nora Shourd

Trump’s mental
decline is obvious

Donald Trump criticizes Joe Biden for losing it mentally, but are anybody’s mental facilities deteriorating before our eyes as fast as Trump’s?

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He has recently mistaken Barack Obama for Biden on several occasions and warned that Biden would take us right into World War II. More recent Trump blunders include mistaking Nikki Haley for Nancy Pelosi and demanding to know why Haley didn’t accept his offer of security forces during the Jan. 6 MAGA riots at the Capitol. In reality, neither Haley nor Pelosi was responsible for security at the Capitol that day, and Haley was not even there. Furthermore, the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack found that Trump made no such offer of additional security forces, a claim that was refuted by Trump’s acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller under oath.

Bottom line: Trump is way too dangerous for another four years in the White House.

Bob Benson

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