The internet is ablaze with contempt for Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order. This weekend, upon paying a visit to New York City delicatessen Zabar’s, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate asked for her usual: lox, capers, red onions, cream cheese and tomatoes … on a cinnamon raisin bagel.

The offending order was caught on camera by Gothamist, which broke the news on Monday afternoon in a five-minute video. Nixon’s request has since been scrutinized in the media and widely condemned on social media. declared that she had “committed an unforgivable crime against the bagel gods.” And Munchies suggested that Nixon’s campaign was “shaken” by the “terrible-sounding” breakfast.

Nixon has taken the criticism in her stride, defending her order to a throng of reporters: “That’s my go-to brunch/breakfast whether I’m out or at home. I mean, it’s not uncooked oatmeal. But it’s pretty delicious. And I say, don’t yuk my yum. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Much like pineapple on pizza before it, mixing sweet and savoury elements seems to spark heated debate. If you’ve ever walked past a Cinnabon, your nose has certainly assured you that cinnamon and cream cheese are made for one another. And look no further than the African Mediterranean for many delicious examples of cinnamon, raisins and meat commingling.

Deli connoisseur El-P, for one, expressed his approval. As Spin magazine reports, the rapper and investor in Brooklyn’s Jewish deli Frankel’s Delicatessen & Appetizing tweeted: “I’ve done this. It’s risky but the combination of sweet and salty is great on occasion. This type of daring shows leadership potential and I’m voting for her.”

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Lox her up: Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order caused a social media meltdown

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