Magic the Gathering is Crossing Over With My Little Pony


While fans of Magic: The Gathering are looking forward to the release of the Throne of Eldraine expansion, many may be surprised to learn about some special new cards coming later this month. In a wild crossover, MTG will be collaborating with My Little Pony in a three-card promotional set dubbed Ponies: The Galloping set to release on October 22. All net proceeds will be going toward the Extra Life charity in benefit of Seattle Children’s Hospital.

These new cards will be purchasable at and will also be available in . They are silver-bordered, meaning they aren’t actually legal, but that doesn’t stop players from having fun with them. In a “blend of My Little Pony and Magic Art styles” created by Andrea Radek, Jennifer L. Meyer, and John Thacker, Rarity, Princess Twilight Sparker, and Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna are the ponies being represented in Magic the Gathering.

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Those who purchase the Magic the Gathering set will also receive a corresponding playmat, but interested parties will want to act quick. The Ponies: The Galloping box set is a limited-edition, limited-time thing retailing at $50, and running from October 22 through November 5 (until sold out). There’s an additional three-playmat set that will retail for $100 at the same time, with MTG: Arena sleeves being sold for $3.99 between October and November 4.

These limited edition will be sold exclusively as a box set for $50 between October 22 and November 5, or until sold out, through (with delivery only to USA or Canada addresses). There will also be a three-playmat set for $100 during that time, as well as four different MTG: Arena digital sleeves for $3.99 each available between October 28 and November 4.

Each pony was chosen with a specific idea in mind. Twilight Sparkle was for the obvious reason of being the main character, Rarity was chosen due to her name and given an effect that interacts with card rarity, and Nightmare Moon to represent a franchise villain, with the Luna transformation effect making sense in terms of character. It remains to be seen how popular these cards prove to be, but given that proceeds go charity, Magic the Gathering players may flock to the idea, even if they aren’t My Little Pony fans.

The Magic: The Gathering Throne of Eldraine expansion set will release October 4, 2019.

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